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The only ongoing civil war is the traditional one between the Sunni and Shiites.

Douglas would be wise to heed the words Sheik Yer’Mami, there are only a few, a minuscule handful of honest Muslims who believes something to be amiss with their own holy texts. The rest, whether they fully, halfheartedly, or not at all, believe in the words of Mohamed, are willful drones not daring to make a stand, thereby becoming by default, a part of the problem as a whole.

NOTE: One more nail into the coffin of ”Islamic reform”. Knowing full well how the Christian reformation produced our modern societies, Muslims will reject reform or an enlightenment on the Christian scale, because they know where it will lead.

Murray and Choudary

Douglas Murray sadly confused

by SHEIKYERMAMI on MAY 24, 2013

Douglas Murray has written many brilliant pieces and to date I have always seen him as a great ally in this struggle, but this article here is absolute tosh.

There is a no “civil war underway” in Islam; the believers are united as one when they  stand against the kafir.

“The vast majority of Muslims in Britain read it in the latter way which is why – contrary to the opinions of Nick Griffin et al – most Muslims noticeably do not go around chopping peoples’ heads off”.

Absolute gibberish. There is the law of ‘durura’, which means the ends justify the means. Muslims are required to do whatever necessary to achieve dominance, to conquer; and Muslims  know the infidels still have the upper hand. But we have already seen the police on the run from the Muselmanic mobs, so that will take care of itself once they have the numbers.

As for “interpreting” Islam, Douglas truly lost the plot. Islam is not to be “interpreted”, especially not by the kuffar.

Islam is to be taken straight up, undiluted. And those who don’t partake in jihad are hypocrites, and theirs is “painful doom”.

No country has ever survived  Mohammedan invasion without being fundamentally transformed.

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