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So I guess Sweden’s first ever call of the muezzin wasn’t enough now was it?

They are so screwed over, the Muslims have them over a barrell, turn of the money spigot and they’ll riot, do not heed to their ever increasing demands, and they’ll riot, and use the daft, cheesy and harebrained Left as their stooges.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

No, they don’t want to integrate, this is all about a power struggle and carving out an autonomous region while siphoning off state funding. Lars Hedegaard, interviewed by RT, has it right, there are power brokers fanning the flames in an attempt to show their clout, that they control the street.

This is pure blackmail and the stupid politicians whose knees are knocking together are falling into the trap, time and again. Kent Ekeroth also has it right, the authorities have the power to stop the rioting if they had the political will to do so.

Below video via Joe Cooper via Benjamin Jacob

swedish intifada they don't want to intergrate 24.5.2013

Youth gang riots in the Swedish capital Stockholm have entered fifth straight night. Hundreds of mostly immigrant teenagers tore through the suburbs, smashing windows and burning cars in the country’s worst outbreak of violence in years.

At least six vehicles were torched throughout the city late on Thursday while the police called for reinforcements from other Swedish cities bracing for further unrest.

Firefighters were putting out flames that engulfed several cars and a school in immigrant-dominated areas of Stockholm.

More here. + video.

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  1. This is not just spur of the moment rioting, it seems very well planned and is all part of the world wide jihad against the Infidel which takes many forms. What they need is a good ass kicking firmly applied, that will be the only way to get their attention.

  2. The police could stop the rioting in short order, however the emasculated, balless political class will continue to grovel and but kiss.

  3. Stockholm is beginning to remind me of Paris in the summer time when the integrated muslim immigrants come out to burn cars in grateful thanks for being welcomed into the country.

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