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  1. They are insane these people. Totaly lost. A hope God make’em pay when it’s time to move on!!!!

  2. Yes why not , I admire MR Hitler at least he had guts and he loved his people and his people loved him back , he did many great things at least he fought the capitalists who are lead by Maronites those Jews who have been damned by Jesus himself as well as prophet David.
    For those who believe in democracy , why you want to implement your thought and ideology to every one ? You may hate Hitler but most Arab people love him . It’s up to us to hate the people who attack and dominate our countries and freedom and we love Hitler because he stood against them.
    I wish Hitler was still alive till now … Hitler Hitler Hitler

    1. Thank you for relaying to us your exact mindset, which I fear has become all too prevalent due to the spreading of Muslims and Islam throughout throughout the West. Totalitarians recognize and admire other totalitarians regardless of their genocidal inclinations. Thanks for tying a neat little bow around you both, my readers now have a better understanding of what they are up against.

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