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It’s what they fear most, female empowerment.

cubscout leader confronted jihadi in london 23.5.2013

A Cub Scout leader who confronted an Islamic fanatic after he had executed a soldier in a Woolwich street said today: ‘I wasn’t scared. Rather me than a child.’

The moment fearless mother-of-two Ingrid Loyau-Kennett remonstrated with one of the killers, whose hands were blood-soaked and still carried knives, was caught on camera in the aftermath of the terror attack.

The 48-year-old jumped off her bus when she saw the tragic soldier’s body lying in the south-east London street, checked his pulse and then tried to talk to the men who hacked him to death.

One told her: ‘We want to start a war in London tonight’.

She replied: ‘Right now it is only you versus many people, you are going to lose’.

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  1. The BBC, as well as the rest of the MSM, is desperately trying to hide any references to the koran, even though the Muslim assassins explicitly state references to the koran, chapter and verse.

    Below is the clip from Jihad Watch with the clip with references which the MSM does not wish you to hear.

    From JW
    In the version of the video containing remarks from the jihad murderer in London today that can be found above, he clearly mentions Surat at-Tawba at the beginning. (Thanks to Kenneth.)

    Why has this video been edited to remove his references to the Qur’an?

    He says, “Surat at-Tawba through…many, many ayat throughout the Qur’an that…we must fight them as they fight us…”

    Surat at-Tawba is the ninth chapter of the Qur’an, and according to Islamic scholars is the last one or one of the last ones to have been revealed that contain doctrinal content — which means that it takes precedence over the others. Some highlights:

  2. The bloodied man seen ranting on camera minutes after a soldier was hacked to death in Woolwich yesterday, Michael Adebolajo, was raised in an “ultra-Christian household” in Romford, friends of the family claim.

    So far, we know the victim was 20 years old, from Lincolnshire, an active duty member of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers returning to his barracks where he served in the Yorkshire Regiment – and that his next of kin has been notified.

    Sympathy goes out to the victim’s loved ones.

  3. At first, I was somewhat surprised that the armed officers didn’t kill the two evangelising mohammedans. I thought it would be best if they ended up being butchered on a pathologist’s slab pending their inquests.

    Then it occurred to me that given the propensity for multicultural, broken window shopping sprees that erupt in the aftermath of fatal shootings, maybe the police are under an edict of ‘shoot to incapacitate’ in order not to inflame ‘community grievances’?

    However, given the smokescreen that is currently being fired in the media regarding the nature of mohammedanism, with all the usual this-is-not-islam bugs hurriedly scuttling about on our television screens, I imagine that when the two mohammedan warriors have their days in court, with all the ample opportunities to evangelise under the media spotlight that entails, am I right in thinking that the powers that be are wishing they were dead?

    1. What gets me Crowsbeak, is watching the people in the video walk on past the guy who just brutally murdered the soldier covered in blood (with the soldier lying there in a heap) as if he was holding groceries just purchased in a nearby store.

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