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The Swedish mind meld.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

See what happens in a Nordic socialist la la land in which the only difference between parties (save the Sweden Democrats) is the nuance squeezed out on any public issue? The herd-like mentality of its media is symptomatic of its political class, they basically all think alike, and wrongly, and on just about every issue.

H/T: Vlad

amun-abdullahi on sweden a place of lies

A comment from a Finn living in Sweden at Vlad Tepes blog:

I live in Sweden and this is from a documentary on public TV where they investigate the political correctness among journalists in Sweden. The main story is about a Swedish journalist who accused a (white) man who for years had helped Somali people to integrate in Sweden for basically being a racist because the journalist (Martin Aagard in the socialist newspaper Aftonbladet) could not take that the Somali helping man produced facts that contradicted Martins agenda about the big racist conspiracy he and many socialists that call them selves “antiracists” says exists.

Martin Aagard is just one of the establishment, but most journalists share his view on who is a racist or not. In Sweden you are basically a racist if you show facts that contradict the official version or dont “share values” People get sacked from their job because of their political opinion. (Richard Jomshof a Swedish democratic teacher lost his job because of media pressure, even though the pupils or parents had no objections and considered him a good teacher)

Well, to be fair. It doesn’t happen every day, but employers are heavily affected by this kind of journalists. If they think that there is even a small chance that the media will start to stigmatize them for employing a person who dont suit the journalists point of view they wont hire that person, even if he has all the qualifications.

This is the kind of mentality that rules Sweden nowadays.

I am an immigrant from Finland since 1969 and I don’t recognize the majority of swedes any more.

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