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An idea whose time has come.

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Daniel Pipes and Andy Bostom

Ruth King:

ruthfully yours pipes-bostom debate 19.5.2013

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NOTE: This simply has to be hashed out in a series of debates. Here is Daniel, who I greatly respect on a number of issues said about this infamous clip , redolent with Koranic (Koran 5:60) Jew-hatred and the hadith/sira motif of Muhammad being poisoned by a Khaybar Jewess, fully transcribed here:

Daniel makes no mention of the purely Islamic origins of the Jew-hating motifs captured, and instead has this to say:

“My view is that anti-Semitism of this sort is historically a Christian phenomenon, but, in the course of the past two generations, as a result of propaganda coming out of the Egyptian government, the Iranian government, the Iraqi government, the Saudi government of this sort, it has become pervasive.”

Daniel, sorry my friend, with all due respect, this is simply not the case, there has to be a rethink on this. Andrew has much to offer on the subject and I would like to see some outstretched hands here.

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  1. Daniel Pipes is a nitwit. Walid Shoebat is right, so is Andrew Bostom. IMO, anti-semitism is a core attitude of people in the West who are (or have turned) predisposed to it, for reasons only known to themselves, disregarding what creed they belong to and disregarding the reasons they want to invoke in order to justify it. In the Muslim world, it is inherently systemic, because it can not be separated from the doctrine.

  2. To counteract Pipes’ stupid argument, I suggest he takes the following into consideration, starting at 1:53 in the short interview linked beneath:

  3. Soon after 9/11/2001, I began following Dr. Pipe’s as I began my education on Islam. As my curiosity grew, I found Robert Spencer’s/Hugh Fitzgerald’s dissembling of Pipes ‘pipe dreams’ logical and well founded. I first became aware of Dr. Bostom’s Islam critique through Spencer and have since come to the conclusion that affable Pipes simply muddies intellectual discourse with his nonsense. Pipes’ fantasy is past it’s ‘sell by’ date , which shouldn’t be provided a platform any longer. The Counter Jihad movement doesn’t serve it’s purpose by inviting a curious audience who sit on the fence ready to discard the notion that Islam can be bargained with – only to reconsider Pipes nonsense as legitimate. Pipes better fits in with Zinn, Chomsky, Esposito, Cole, Said and a long list of ‘Islam is Peace’ fantacists.

    BTW, how/why does one believe Pipes supports Israel when he is suggesting Muslim antisemitism is a result of Israel’s statehood? With friends like that . . .

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