Bangladesh Muslim persecution of Christians



Outrageous but all too common.


Young Christian Girls Trafficked into Forced Labor and Sex Slavery
Breaking the Silence in Bangladesh

By Corey Bailey

5/5/2013 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)-More than 140 children have been rescued from Islamic training centers (madrassas) in the last nine months, with a majority of the children targeted because of their Christian faith. The females, accounting for nearly half of those rescued, report that they were used for forced labor and sex slavery.

New information has come to light regarding the treatment of the young girls rescued from madrassas earlier this year. “They were forcefully converted to Islam,” said Akash, a contact for International Christian Concern (ICC) whose name is changed for security reasons. “The girls were made to wear veils at all times. Some girls were also forced to work as slaves in the homes of Muslim families and were only fed one time a day.”

The rescued girls were told they would study at a Christian school and receive training to become beauticians. However, after completing the grueling travel from their villages to the capitol city, Dhaka, they discovered it was all a lie. “Instead of training in the Beautifying Parlor, we were forcefully sent to hotels for the sex trade,” explained one of the girls.

Suspicions Lead to Rescue

More here. H/T: Vladinator.

Then there is this video which Vlad properly identifies as self inflicted Muslim violence exacted upon other Muslims who do not fulfill the exact callings of the faith. Vigilantism is the preferred method in controlling Islamic societies throughout the centuries. These Muslims would no doubt not blink an eye at the persecution of Christians or Buddhists in Bangladesh, with many Christian children having been kidnapped and converted to Islam in Bangladesh for some time now.

Vlad: Demonstration against ‘genocide’ in Bangladesh. I wonder if it is lost on these demonstrators that all the deaths, all 30 or so of them, are due to the demand of muslims to kill everyone that doesn’t agree with their religion. Or that 30 dead doesn’t make a genocide. Also his use of the term, “justice” and “peace” smack of the usual Islamic BS where “justice” really means forcing the sharia

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  1. Islam is a travesty of everything decent.

    Muslims, better get the heck out of this cult, for the patience of the West is wearing thin.

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