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The fake media is desperately trying to fold the recent terrorist bombings in Boston into the narrative of ”America is always to blame first”, while obfuscating the real motives behind the attack. Perhaps to a much lesser degree America is indeed responsible, the Leftist half that is, for its insistence on eviscerating the country’s institutions while it heaps scorn and vitriol upon its more than tolerant civil society.

The American people are an inclusive lot, and short on revenge. There were no mobs with pitchforks and clubs searching the streets for Muslims in the wake of the Boston terror attacks, yet they have to listen to their own public officials talk down to them about ”possible outbreaks of racism and intolerance” resulting in the wake of their society having been attacked.

Since such bombastic statements have no basis in reality, but there has to be something else behind them. The victims are made out to be the villains while the actual perpetrators are over analyzed by Leftist ideologues in search of reasons in order to blame America, then publicized 24/7 with ”rape victim had it coming” headlines. This is but a part of an overall concerted effort in the  systematic breakdown of the civil society by some really sick people.

NOTE: This is an excellent article.

For many years they have made it clear that they seek a total Islamic (in their interpretation) state. It is the precise equivalent of describing Chinese Communists more than sixty years ago, as they approached victory in their country’s civil war, as “agrarian reformers.”

The Truths About Terrorism Whose Names They Dare Not Speak

By Barry Rubin

barry-rubin2The current conventional wisdom about terrorism, Islamism, and the Middle East is being bent, but not broken, by two events. On one hand, there is the Boston bombing; on the other hand, developments in Syria and to a lesser extent Egypt. What’s happening?

In the Middle East, the misbehavior of Islamist movements is becoming more apparent. In Egypt, there is the repression of the Muslim Brotherhood regime, which may actually intend to create a non-democratic Sharia state! Parallel behavior in the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Turkey is under-reported but occasionally surfaces.

The most important single story at the moment, though, is Syria. Basically, the Obama Administration has woken up and recognized what was easily apparent two years ago: They are helping to put radical, anti-American Islamists into power! They are helping to provide them with advanced weapons which might be used for activities other than what is intended!

When the government wakes up it nudges the media to get up also. What is quite startling is the extent to which the mass media is responsive to government policy, at least this government’s policy. I want to explain this carefully in order to be fair.

Take this article in the New York Times, which can be summarized as saying that Islamist rebels’ gains in Syria create a dilemma for the United States.  Now this is an article about U.S. policy so naturally it describes how that policy is changing.

Yet at the same time, one wants to ask: Why haven’t the policy consequences of this situation been described continuously in the past? If a big truck is headed straight at you on the highway, might not the media sitting in the front passenger seat shout out a warning? Does it have to wait for the driver to notice and then it can say something?

And even so the diffidence is astonishing. It is good that the newspaper notices that the rebels are largely comprised of, “Political Islamists inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood and others who want an Islamic-influenced legal code.” But why even now one can say “Islamic-influenced?”

Read the rest here at Barry’s.

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