Femen Feminism



This is why I can’t fully support Femen as a de facto human rights group, when it continuously involves itself in the violation of others’ real (not imagined) civil/human rights. You can’t have it both ways. This is pure anarchism dressed in new-age human rights regalia, minus the tops and with both boobs a flapping.

A point could be made without violating public and private space, nor the attacking of anyone or their private property. This is increasingly looking like the work of a bunch of mindless thugs-with-jugs. Shame on the lot of them, they’re badly damaging whatever credibility they once had.

femen attacks praying bishop 26.4.2013

More here.  H/T Kitman

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  1. The Archbishop is to be congratulated for the self-control and self-discipline he displayed.

    Such a response is sadly all to uncommon in this day and age.

    By refusing to respond he disarmed their stupid exhibition.

    In this kind of situation, the best response is no response.

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