Boston Boston Massacre Islamic terrorism


Approximate translation:

Sham, Sham, Sham. They are killing your brothers and sisters for no reason. And for that they are saying our lord is Allah, and Muhammad is our savior. And they firmly stick to the book of Allah and Sunnah Muhammada, Muhammad’s Sunnah.

Allah loves Sham and these people, and He chose Sham and His people. Sayyid Ibn [sp ?] [UI name] says that the person Allah sent said that he said, ‘Tuba for Shama, Tuba for Shama, Tuba for Shama. Tuba is a tree in the heaven. And the shadow of this tree cannot, it takes a person and a horse at least 100 years to go to contour the shadow of the tree, which is in the heaven, that’s called Tuba.

We asked why the savior sent by Allah, we asked why savior from Allah, and he answered, ‘Because the angels are of almighty spread, the angels spread their wings above him.’

Congratulations to you people of Shama. Congratulations to you. Your protector and your witness, the person Allah sent, for sure 100 percent, without any doubt.

If I heard that Allah’s envoy said, ‘Who tolerates horrors and need,’ I will be the witness and the savior for the doomsday, the day of final judgment.

Congrats to you oh people of Shama. Congratulations to you those who tolerates the land of Shama. Congratulations to you those suffer for, who go through martyrdom of Allah illaha ill Allah. And they’re not upset, because their faith in Allah is deeper.

It’s coming from [sounds like ‘El Tabarani’] [word perhaps ‘hadiths’], 100 percent verified [perhaps ‘hadiths’] that Abu [sounds like ‘Umama’] said that the person Allah sent said that the best place on earth, Allah’s best place on earth is Sham. These are the words of beloved prophet. Congratulations to him. Do you know why in these [perhaps ‘hadiths’] there is so much stress about Sham, on Sham.

Truth is the land chosen by Allah, is Sham. In it, the best deeds of Allah and His slaves and he the envoy of Allah speaks the truth.

We never saw tolerance like their tolerance. We never saw perseverance like their perseverance.

Up to today, more than 9,000 of them were killed. And these are not just murders. Even little children are not shielded from danger. Oh brothers, a four-year-old child, his nails were torn out, his eyes were popped out. Why? For what?

Innocent women. Yesterday night on T.V. a woman said, ‘All the followers of Muhammad, if you are not able to protect us with your guns, with your weapons, at least send us contraceptives.’

Calling, calling Allah. I am appealing to Allah. Wake up, wake up followers of Allah. This is your Sham. This is your Sham.

[Name sounds like ‘Vahilya’] said that prophet Muhammad said, ‘You need to choose Sham. You need to choose Sham,’ because in reality, the best place on Allah’s earth is Sham. And in Sham there live the best creations and the best slaves of Allah.

If you refuse to join Shama, then choose your Yemen, and then you drink from Yemen’s water well.

I swear by Allah, do not lose hope. In reality truly Allah vested me with Sham and His inhabitants.

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  1. Hell welcomes it’s newest citizen to a burning eternity. Both moHAMmed and arafart were there to greet the Boston bomber with steaming bowls of demon pig feces for a feast.
    One especially foul smelling, horned demon enthused, “After maiming and murdering innocent people and children, I can’t wait for his brother to join us!”

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