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Via Lisa Michelle and Israel, the Jewish Community, and the Middle-East Crisis

SOME HATE SPEECH, HUH? Free Speech Wins On Long Island with Pamela Geller! If you missed Pamela Geller speech yesterday at the Chabad of Great Neck, here’s the entire event captured live on video tape.

Anti-Islamic Terror Activist Pamela Geller & Greg Buckley, father of a marine murdered in a “Green on Blue” attack in Afghanistan, spoke to a packed house at Chabad of Great Neck (

A HUGE thank you to Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky for his courage in hosting this event in the wake of its cancellation by another synagogue after implied threats.

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  1. Greg Buckley revealed a great deal about this administration’s suicidal military policy at this event. My heart goes out to his family.
    We, American taxpayers, are @#$?! PAYING@#$?! the murdering raping sodomite Afghan soldiers $260/month, (superior soldiers get $340/mo )while our sacred military feed, train, outfit and supply these inbred savages to become their assassins. That blood money was used to pay the Afghan chief of police’s 16 yr old ‘tea boy’ to execute/ assassinate his son placed in harms way by ignorant reckless American military brass submitting to PC suicidal and treasonous policy with selfish desires for rank/’respect’ . . .not respect for our country . . .but ‘self’ respect amongst their selfish treasonous peers. Insert FULL THROTTLE Spit.
    I admire Pamela’s instincts to stand firm and remain steadfast with her message. Bravo for Chabad house to whom I will increase my support with a note of thanks for hosting Pamela and Mr. Buckley.

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