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Defending their constitution is now a crime.

To bring this home for the average American reader, this situation would be comparable to one of the fifty states in the union suddenly declaring the Republican based Tea Party ”hostile to the constitution” for its insistence on immigration control, an ordered to be put under surveillance.

Michael Stürzenberger: At noon today, Bavaria’s interior minister, Joachim Herrmann (CSU) held a press conference in connection with the publication of the constitutional report for 2012, which dealt extensively with Die Freiheit and PI. Apparently the intensively-conducted citizens’ initiative against the European Islam Center is causing someone headaches. Both of these groups will be under surveillance in the future. The Süddeutsche Zeitung‘s instant interpretation is that now they will both be considered “constitution-hostile.” An incomprehensible inversion of reality: Those who would protect democracy and the constitution from a constitution-hostile ideology are now being pilloried. Is anyone still surprised in a Germany thoroughly diseased by Political Correctness?

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Stürzenberger continues thanks to the GOV:

As if we had not been saying for a year and a half, every Saturday at information sessions for Die Freiheit: Our attempts to explain things are not directed against Muslims, but against the political ideology Islam. Muslims are its first victims — above all, the women. We want to free them from the bonds of this ideology so that they can integrate into our free, democratic society.

But all of this is consciously ignored. It is really more about combatting a young political force. It may be that the CSU intends to eliminate a possible competitor, as with the Republikaner previously.

Read it all here at GOV.

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