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The anti-Israel nutjobs do have a choice, just go without.

A good buddy of mine, fellow pro-Israel blogger, TINSC, told me ”years ago”, that the boycott against Israel movement at the time (and still is) a drastic, epic fail. Oh, and don’t kid yourself, it’s not out of a ‘spirit of rapprochement’ that Israel’s enemies are doing business with the Jewish state, it’s just that their need for Israel clearly outweighs any of their antisemitic inclinations.

NOTE: As my pal always says, “In a world void of antisemitism, the War Against Israel (WAI) could not exist.” It couldn’t be any more true today than it was the first time he mentioned it to me.

cave dwellers by choice

The eastern Mediterranean has seen its share of economic collapse in recent years — including in Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and Syria. Yet to the BDS crowd’s chagrin, Israel has kept rolling along, even while waging three minor military conflicts (one against Hezbollah, two against Hamas), losing an important alliance with Turkey, and suffering international opprobrium in the wake of the 2011 flotilla raid. All of this makes the BDS campaign against Israel appear not only bigoted, but ridiculous.

Jonathan Kay: The BDS movement against Israel has accomplished less than nothing

The student union at York University in Toronto has voted, by a margin of 18-2, to endorse the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” (BDS) movement against Israel — a gesture that follows on BDS votes by several other Canadian university student unions. The result is entirely symbolic: The student union has no power to compel the university (or any other entity) to boycott Israel — and York, properly, has no plans to do so. Nevertheless, the decision by York’s Federation of Students has succeeded in bringing the whole issue of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions back into the news, if only for a day or two.


Closer to home, BDS also has the effect of alienating many Jewish students on campus, since they see the singling out of the Jewish state as an act of hatred directed at their faith group.

The BDS campaign is also morally hypocritical. Not all of Israel’s policies — especially in regard to settlement construction — are defensible. Yet in humanitarian terms, nothing Israel does to Palestinians comprises even so much as a rounding error on the horrors perpetrated by such nations as Syria, Iran and Sudan against their own citizens. The plight of Gazan religious and political dissenters — not to mention gays and women in the Hamas-run enclave — is especially notable, given that many of the same activists who champion BDS also have championed the Boat to Gaza movement and other efforts to equip and legitimize Hamas.


But eight years in, the movement has accomplished nothing. Indeed, less than nothing: For it is thanks to BDS, and similar gestures of anti-Israel antipathy (especially at the UN), that many Israelis — including  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — have become convinced that their country will always be the victim of a vicious moral double standard. If Mr. Netanyahu has struck a more standoffish, militant, uncompromising tone than his predecessors when dealing with the international community, it is largely because he has come to see the hatred of his country as irrational and unremitting.

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  1. As a student I signed a partition against Israel. It was like a wake-up call for me. How could I have an opinion about something I didn’t knew anything about. So I started to read news, books and everything I could find about Israel and pretty soon it became obvious that Israel was a legit and democratic state with the right to defend it self. I have supported Israel since then 🙂

    1. Thank you Santor. If many students who are approached about boycotting Israel research the middle east (as you have), they’d come to a conclusion similar to yours.

      Hating Israel has become a “hip” and “progressive” thing to do, but it really holds no value.

      I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan Kay and the (Canada) National Post for taking the high road when it comes to reporting on Israel. The National Post is one of the few newspapers in North America that puts Middle Eastern News in a balanced perspective.


      There is NO Santa Claus (aka TINSC)

    2. Yes, well done Santor. If rational minds just take the time to explore all avenues available, you’ll find that the Israelis have a solid case in defense of their positions. The opposition wants to make sure you never get that opportunity, they keep losing members that way.

  2. The BDS movement has been a failure in terms of concrete action, but I don’t think that was ever its aim. Its purpose was really to rally the hypocritical, anti-semitic haters of Israel and to a degree it has done that.

    There’s such a contrast between supporters of Israel, who actually try to help the Palestinian Arabs – sometimes even at the expense of Israel, and the supporters of the Palestinian Arabs, who really aren’t supporters as much as they are haters of Israel, people who don’t really care if they hurt the Palestinian Arabs as long as they can hurt the people who used to be called Palestinians, i.e. the Israelis.

    This was brought home to me again this evening, as I attended a Yom Hazikoron (Day of Remembrance) ceremony in Netanya. The contrast between the way Israelis remember their fallen but sing of peace – yes, the songs at the commemoration were songs of peace – and the way the Palestinian Arabs use even the death because of cancer of a disgusting murderer as an excuse to riot and try to kill more Israelis illustrates the core of the conflict, between a people who value and promote peace and a group which rejects peace and promotes hatred.

    1. Thanks Alan, you bring as usual much food for thought into the debate. This of course has to be taken into consideration.

  3. I’ve always found the boycott lists useful on which products were from Israel and GOOD to buy.

  4. As the Arab world disintegrates into madness, even students, as mindless as so many are, will find it hard not to wonder if all the anti-Israel rhetoric really has any merit. As the prospects for their future employment look ever dim and the knowledge that their leftist, anti-Israel professors are making huge sums of money (at the students’ expense) becomes clearer, students will tire of being threatened, intimidated and lied to by these professors and by “student groups” that are not really “students” at all. As Israeli scientists come up with incredible contributions to mankind, it will be impossible for governments, businesses and universities to boycott Israel. Those who do will appear ever more like the Church elders who excommunicated anyone who believed the earth was round or that gravity existed.

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