Thuggery at the police level?

Tommy turned up as did the police and they arrested him, they also arrested another member of his family for entering his own home. The Muslims who turned up on masse in support of their jihadist Islamist brother were armed to the teeth with blades and bats.

From what I can tell, a bunch of ill intended tards show up on the front lawn of Tommy Robinson’s house after following a member of his family. The police arrive and he goes out to document it with his cell phone camera and they arrest him, the victim, instead of the Muslim intimidation squad. This is the guy who showed up at his house.

ibrahim anderson

This is complete speculation, but one could be excused for believing that there appears to be a collusion going on here between the police and the radicals. If that’s not the case, they’re doing a great job of convincing otherwise.

Here are the videos from Tommy’s cell phone:

Tommy: “Please record this, Muslim extremists come to my family’s house, and I’m arrested.”

Tommy And Family Attacked!

In the early hours of this morning Tommy reported via Twitter that he had just been released from police custody after they had tried to remand him.

Early in the morning of 9th April, a group of Muslims gathered in front of Tommy’s families house, shouting abuse and making threats against Tommy, his family and other innocent bystanders in the vicinity:

The police arrived, and arrested … Tommy.

Tommy was held in custody for 30 hours and his house was searched under the powers granted by Section 32 PACE (search without warrant upon arrest). These powers allow the police to enter and search your home if the police officer “reasonably suspects that he will find on those premises items relating to the offence for which the suspect was arrested.”

Did they expect that Tommy was hiding illegal immigrants? Why weren’t the people who started the incident arrested?

This is not a two-tier application of the law, this seems more like perversion of the law to persecute those who do not subscribe to the government-approved double-think.

So when was it made law that those who suffer antagonism, threats of death and serious beatings must be arrested for their victim status?

A member of Tommys family was followed home by none other than Ibrahim Anderson, a notorious member of the now proscribed “Muslims Against The Crusades” and “Al Muhajiroun” a gang of backward Islamist scum. When Anderson (a white ginger haired convert to Islam) started an altercation with threats outside Tommys family home, it was apparent that the threats made were real, credible, and potentially life threatening.

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  1. why should we be surprised at this?
    after all, the cops are ultimately lead by one of the founders of the fascist UAF, david Cameron.

    1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with that comment Bilbo…..Ca’moron’ said a little while ago that the EDL was “sick”….I’d like to know if he actually knows what the word sick means? Obviously Cameron’s Left-wing academic indoctrination was a total success…Wasn’t it Churchill who said, “today’s anti-fascists will be the fascists of tomorrow”….How prophetic and far seeing that man was….

  2. Absolutely disgusting thing to do! How dare the muslim scum turn up and intimidate his family, what is wrong with these people! Imagine if the situation had been reversed – the muslims would be given 24hr police protection and our government would be liaising with ‘community leaders’ to ensure they feel safe.

    I hope that pumped up steroid-abusing lunatic suffers a tragic ‘accident’ in the gym…

  3. England is already the 58th Mu.slim state. The English have become a bunch of welfare addicted, lazy aşş pansies. They demonized the EDL – the only british patriots left in the country willing to stand up to the muslim invaders.

  4. I can’t think of any reason at all why police would arrest serial criminal and illegal immigrant Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. Disgraceful.

  5. Oh Mother England, how my heart bleeds for you, for what you have become at the hands of this scourge who have been allowed to invade your once equisite country. I’ve seen videos of these idiots chasing 20-30 Bobbies during a demonstration, I’ve seen videos of young girls that have brought me to tears, but this, this just makes me want to take up arms & start righting wrongs!

    We are no-where near as bad as you have it at this point in time, but our time is coming fast, like a steam train it will roll over us to, UNLESS we stand up and put a stop to this BS doing whatever it takes. There’s still a few years of fight left in this here ‘ol gal, and make no mistake, I’ll be on the front line – that way if I get busted I’ll get a roof over my head, a bed, hot meals and all of my needs catered for, unlike if I was to end up an old age pensioner having to decide between electricity or food. So what out shitslamists, here I come, you won’t want to mess with me ‘coz I’ll be fighting for my beloved UK & Aussie, so twice as angry!

  6. This is TYPICAL of the biased policing in this country….BUT lets do something positive, everyone in Tommy’ area MUST Contact THEIR local MP and Politely ask for an answer as to WHY Tommy was arrested when he was acting peacefully and within the law and did absolutely nothing even though in the self defence laws of our fair and just (HA) UK he should be allowed to protect his family if under threat.

    DON’T Just sit there go to www(dot)writetothem(dot)com (Where I’ve put the word DOT in Brackets/parentheses, please exchange that for a full stop, as some sites wont allow website addresses) and look up the Local MP for Tommy and HELP Him out guys PLEASE!!!!

    IF you DO write to the local MPs they will ask the cops WHY they arrested Tommy and NOT the attacking gang of Muslims and we may actually get some justice, IF you sit around and vent your anger willy nilly, it won’t do much good.

  7. As an American, I am disgusted by how British authorities treat their british-born citizens. This is outrageous and the news is spreading.

  8. sounds to me like the ‘evil one’s’ strategy has worked on you people…divide and conquer. just listen to yourselves!! does it make it easier to hate someone if you disagree with their religious beliefs and lump them into a category? they are individuals with individual intent, not “Muslims” or “gays” or black…et al., grow up please!

    1. Being against the spread of sharia by default makes me a hated enemy of all those who support it. Muslims, Leftist Muslims and the Left. The sandal is on the other foot.

  9. This is terrible treatment of Irish illegal immigrant Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

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