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This is from a girl whose mother hates the West.

H/T: Vlad via Israellycool

The daughter of Lauren Booth whines in front of a five star hotel in Cairo (they still have them?) over the establishment’s rules of only allowing actual swim wear in the swimming pool. She then goes on to state that a Muslim has more rights in the U.K. than in a Muslim state.

For those of you who have no idea who these people are, Lauren Booth is the former sister-in-law of the ex-PM of Britain, Tony Blair, who converted to Islam and has since then been a major anti-Israel and pro-sharia propagandist for the Muslim nutjobs. She even received a passport from the genocidal Islamonazi regime of the Hamas.

Well, I have come to find out that Booth took down her video after she realized how it was being used by the rest of us in the pro-Israel movement, which makes the whole scenario an even more funny. It’s sad on the other hand to see the brainwashing of children taking place. She should be having fun like all other normal children, not complaining about having to wear a swimsuit.

NOTE: Thanks to Vlad for saving the original and uploading the vid to MRCTV.

4 Responses

  1. If this poor benighted kid is confused now, imagine what a confused mess she’ll be in ten years time.

    Maybe she will disown the whole sack of nonsense when she is old enought to think for herself.

    I would not put money on that, however.

  2. Can you really be a Muslim in a Muslim country? How absurd!

    Let the next generation of victimhood/entitlement begin!

    It is one thing for the mother to drag herself down the wrong side of Western Civilization, but why involve her children?

    I understand she dumped her husband, the children’s father after his serious accident. Way to set an example for her daughters. Where is he in all this?

    In America, one parent cannot change the childrens’ religion unilaterally. Now we see why.

    1. Hi Rena, it’s also important to know that she’s a Leftist as well, she can hold two opposing thoughts and believe them to be true with no problem.

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