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It won’t help them, nor save them.


The only thing that will place them back into black ink, is the solid reporting of relevant news as impartially as a human being can muster. That’s it, no gimmick needed. They have to rebuild the people’s trust after decades of being lapdogs and hatchets for the Democrat party machine.

legacy media death knell 2.4.2013

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  1. the interwebs has not only made accesse to “news” easier and cheaper, it has also exposed the MSM’s rutine use of lies and deception.
    hiding behind a paywall will further reduce their reach.
    as they had glad handed the destruction of the societies and freedoms they claim to defend, so they to will fall.
    no bad thing.

  2. Good. I can’t say I am displeased with the way this is going. In too many cases the MSM are simply too dishonest intellectually or either too adolescently stupid to disperse genuine knowledge with regards to issues like Islam. And advertising is not going to help them anyway: for instance, I use browsers with a whole array of ad blocking extensions to deliberately block ads linked with MSM outlets. That’ll teach them !

  3. I haven’t bought a new paper the last 10 years, I simply refuse to be lied to.

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