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Because we all know that feminists speak for all women.

Can’t have anything resembling, or even remotely associated with a public display of manhood, now can we? Oh, and calling them a bunch of moronic miscreants and malcontents for even suggesting such a illogical harebrained scheme will be greeted with charges of, you guessed it, ….”racism”….against feminists.

NOTE: Reductio ad absurdum: A case of ”racism” against homosexuals?


Feminists want ‘phallic’ Eiffel Tower torn down

Several feminist groups in France have united to launch a campaign to have the country’s iconic Eiffel Tower torn down, saying the 124-year-old monument was a ‘phallic’ symbol of France’s outdated male-dominated culture. One feminist group called ‘Tour pour Tous’ wants it replaced by a Tour ‘Eiffelle’.

More here.

APRIL FOOLS…. but in today’s world, it’s not that far off.

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  1. Tour ‘Eiffelle’? But if it’s a giant clitoris, the muslims will want it torn out.
    This guy in England would also have to go.

  2. Au contrare, Tom. If it resembles a giant clitoris they worship it – just examine the sacred contents of the ka’ba.
    As for the phallic nature of the Eiffel Tower, consider the multiple erections surrounding muslim places of worship, aka ‘minarets’. Anatomical symbolism in Islam centers on sexual organs – never intellectual prowess.

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