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NOTE: The only Israeli apology that I can get behind.

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An open letter to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Prime Minister of Turkey

Dear Mister Prime Minister:

On behalf of all of the people of Israel, I would like to apologize to you for the cowardice and fathomless idiocy of the Prime Minister of Israel. As you know, this weekend Benjamin Netanyahu sent you an “apology” for Israel having defended itself against the genocidal terrorists who attacked Israeli soldiers armed only with paintguns when they boarded the terrorist “flotilla” ship that you sent out to challenge Israel’s naval blockade of the Hamas enclave in Gaza. Netanyahu spoke only for himself when he apologized to you for Israel’s defending itself and its people, this two generations after the Holocaust. He does not represent anyone at all in the country when it comes to this “apology.” No one else in the country, except for some anti-Israel radical leftists with tenure at the universities, agrees that Israel owes you an apology for defending its people.

Actually, on behalf of all REAL Israelis, I would like to apologize to you for the fact that ONLY nine terrorists were killed by Israeli troops on the flotilla ship when Israeli soldiers were savagely attacked by Turkish and other terrorists. I would like to apologize for the fact that Israeli did NOT torpedo and sink the terrorist ships trying to break the blockade and bring in aid to the Hamas Nazis. I would like to apologize for the fact that Israel has a Prime Minister who is so clueless, insensitive, and divorced from Jewish history that he would consider buying a few moments of diplomat calm with a Moslem aggressor by shaming his entire country with an “apology” to Turkey, exhibiting one of the most disgraceful acts by a Jew in all of history, and all this just hours before the Jewish holiday of national liberation, Passover.

Beyond that, I really do think that Israel owes an apology for NOT having done much more to draw the world’s attention to the illegal occupation and destruction by Turkey of the jewel of Cyprus, the city of Famagusta. Israel sat by while Turkey conquered 40% of Cyprus and transferred tens of thousands of its own people as illegal settlers to the island. And for that I apologize. And since you have spent so much time in recent years denouncing Israel as an occupier, I think Israel owes an apology to the world for not helping to end the illegal Turkish occupation of the great ancient Greek capital of Constantinople, now under an illegal Saracen occupation that has continued for far too long. It is high time that Constantinople be returned to its true heritage and its legal owners, the Greek people. It is less than a hundred years since the city, along with Smyrna and other Greek homelands, was almost liberated by the Greeks, who were only to be blocked by the Turkish military aggressors, the mass murderers of the Armenians.

So Mister Prime Minister, as you see, I am afraid that Israelis DO owe the world quite a few apologies.

On behalf of the non-pusillanimous citizens of Israel, I remain

Most sincerely yours,
Prof. Steven Plaut

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  1. The name Istanbul always makes me choke because its correct name is occupied Constantinople. Now that Turkey is insisting on exercising its Ottoman 2.0 dreams of supremacy it is entirely just that the open sores of Constantinople, Cyprus and the Armenian issues be made right.

  2. S. Plaut, you are just imagining.. these can be true only in your dreams..

  3. Plaut,

    I write to you as a Turk who is proud of the long rich history of his people, a Turk who thanks his creator daily that he was bestowed the honor of being a Turk, a people that has NEVER lived under anyone else’s flag, administration or will and whose ancestors have swiftly and severely punished those who have attempted to impose themselves.

    As a Turk I have the luxury to have a level of pride that few in the world can even fathom. One of which is the pride I carry from having my people save thousands of innocent and helpless Jews from extermination during the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust, to bring them or our country and give them homes and futures at their own will to prosper as Jewish Turks have.

    You are exactly the dirty filth that is described by one of Israel’s own great scholars and enlightened minds, Mr. Israel Shahak in his piece Jewish History ( ) that is the smoldering waste that will eventually lead to the end of the Israeli nation and once again endanger innocent Jews all over the world.

    You are a pathetic example of the element that is the greatest risk to the Jewish population of the world. You only a piece of the dirty pig that pushes the Israel closer to its demise.

    It is easy to see that you are locked in the personal decay of self-hate, your psychological condition is very obvious, your internal conflict of shame for not fighting the Egyptians, the Spanish and the Germans who have abused you to only bow down and die like lambs because you are not part of the great Jewish religion that gives himself as chance to be at peace with his God and his faith but are a violent pig who sees himself as impotent! You never showed the courage, will and resolve of the Palestinian people who face your tanks and aircraft daily!

    You are part of the cowardice that is to doom of Israel. Just like the cowardly and incompetent military that can only show manhood with arms against the unarmed to then increase the force of attack disproportionately! Any competent military could have easily pulled the Mavi Marmara flotilla to port and searched to dismantle an activist group.

    But your “elite, special forces unit” Shayatet 13, said to be perhaps the most expensively trained military units in the world, who takes its name from one of the first terrorist groups in to ever exist in the Middle East attacking British outposts failed in humiliating misery on a critical mission as the world watched!

    Four of these “highly trained, elite, special forces” soldiers were captured by unarmed civilian activists from all over the world, some of your elite they were slapped and thrown around until they calmed down after crying like little girls. Then were cared for by the Turkish civilians. When being turned over to Israeli forces that were then allowed to board the ship after the civil disobedience of resisting Israeli embarkment the Israelis began shooting randomly. This how cowardly and pathetically incompetent your military is first seen in 2006 beating it took in South Lebanon!

    Your efforts to erode the Israeli nation through your hate and its delirium is leading to weaker and weaker Israel from the massive collapse of Mossad in its debacle from agents getting caught in Cyprus, to Abu Dhabi, to the prisoner X mess, your forces being spanked first in South Lebanon to your “elite special forces” humiliated the courage of unarmed Turks!!

    Take your example of Cyprus and Greeks who had nothing to do with Constantinople as it was a city name after the Roman King, from which we took the city, yes, we took the city by fighting for it, a concept your little mind can conceive as your nation of Israel was gifted to you by the USA!

    Now, if I were a racist, bigot, self-loathing rat like you, I say that you pick the perfect people in the Greeks and Cypriots to use in your letter to brown nose up to! A Cypriot group that is the red headed step child of the Greek, but both a race of total incompetence based on lies and thievery as we see them drive their nations, economies into the sea, proving once again that they are unable to manage themselves and must be under another’s administration. But the EU is not the administration they require it is an Empire of force that is necessary to make them productive!! You are doing the exact same, driving your fake nation supported solely by the U.S. and foreign human resource of Jews from other nations deep into the ground…so pathetic is your state that you have to beg for my friendship.

    You my little piggy will only go to slaughter!!

    1. Cellat1071, you sound like an arrogant muslim Turk in need of heavy dosages of prozac.

    2. On that link you see israel elite troups get kicked by peopke with umbrelas in there hands!!! Wahaha

  4. this is the dumbest thing ever and if anyone agrees with this guy you are as dumb as he trying to take on disgracing two countries

    1. Those who side with the Turks are the one’s as dumb as dirt Mike. Also, do take notice that none of the comments disparaging Plaut actually deal in the substance of his words.

  5. dude dont dare to mess with turks if u dont want to lose your tiny, last and only stolen homeland israel

    1. Saracenic Eagle, the Turks can’t even handle the PKK, and that’s without all the world’s attention being focused on ”Kurd rights” as with the Arabs war against the Jewish state.

  6. Hey Dallas,

    It is really an honor and pleasure to hear that you choked when you heard the word Istanbul. You may want to avoid the newspaper and the tv, as you’ll hear Istanbul more and it could be dangerous if its making you that sick. As Napoleon said, if the world was just one country, Istanbul would be the capitol. I’d suggest you read up on your history.

    1. And Napoleon was a dictator, just the kind of chap to become allured with a Muslim capital that’s occupying Christian Byzantium.

  7. You are the dumbest person who has a professor title I ever heard Mr.plaut. This article must have been written by someone who lost not just his mind, but also his humanity and conscious. Ortherwise who can imagine to sink an aid ship that is full of armless and harmless civilian with torpedo? Shame on you! your idea about istanbul is just ridiculous. I think you must apology to the Jews who could survive by the help of Turks.

  8. Do you know that hitler sads that the world wil hate me over 50 years because i dont kill all the jews!!! Hes wright!! Apoligize that……!!!

  9. this co called professor conveys pure intention of zionism . who else otherwise n with a title of professorship would wish a ship full of people be torpedoed.. may god help his students.. lost in humanity.. n as for istanbul come n reclaim it if u can

  10. First of all I would like to thank Prof. Plaut for his article. I am sure that he expresses the majority of Israelis as the move by PM Netanyahu (the brother of the brave Joni Netanyahu killed in the Entebbe raid) was indicated by the US.
    The flotilla incident was clearly a violation of the sovereignty of a sovereign nation. Reaction was fully justified. From my personal experience in the military I know that probably the soldiers had orders not to open fire unless they were in danger. It is normal procedure. It was equally proven that the organization that chartered the ship is an Islamic and possibly terrorist organization.
    With regards to IDF there is not much to say for their spirit and their capabilities. I highly respect them. In addition I think that the Greek-Israeli rapprochement should had occurred many years before. The only one to blame for that is our myopic political leadership.
    Israeli people have gone through very tough situations and always survived. They secured their land and had to defend it several times. If one looks at what IDF accomplished during the Sinai Campaign, The Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur war I think is enough to get an idea of what IDF is capable of. Exemplary statesmen have also come from the IDF like Yitzhak Rabin, Ehud Barack, Moshe Dayan and Ariel Sharon. I cannot find a similar examples in Turkish politics except Kemal Ataturk.
    Israeli-Turkish relationships will never be the same again. In the near future – according to my understanding- Egypt will also become a problem for Israel. But Israel is used on tough situations.
    To go even further, Israel has a unique opportunity right now to gradually and slowly limit Iranian influence in Syria. It is in the interest of Israel that a regime change does not occur in Syria. Assad is someone you can talk with, the Islamists are not.
    To my Turkish neighbors:
    Yes you took Constantinople by fighting. Constantinople was a Greek city as the Byzantine Empire was a Greek empire. An empire fell that day, another empire emerged and declined with its turn later. It is the unavoidable law of history. However no other empire lasted for a 1000 years, like the Byzantine Empire.
    We, the Greeks had our shot to take back what is historically ours (Ionia/Asia minor) but again due to our incompetent political leadership we did not make it.
    Kemal itself acknowledged in the Turkish Parliament that “In Asia minor it was not the brave Hellenic Army that was defeated, it was his political leadership”. Accordingly next time please be more knowledgeable and respectful. As to what we are capable of, please go through history ancient and modern and you will see what the Greeks have achieved not only for themselves but for the Western World as well.
    But being a Turkish restricts you to modern history because you have no ancient.
    Equally it has been proven the last years that Turkey is a dog that barks but doesn’t bite. You can all see what happened with the Greek-Cypriots and the natural gas reserves. Once the alliance with the Israelis was formed, Ankara stayed only in words..
    And in order to be fair: How Turkey can match two of the world’s best Air Forces (Israeli and Greek)? that Last week two Greek pilots were the best in NATO TLP program. And we all know the capabilities of the Israeli Air Force.
    There is no need to mention the Navy, simply there can be no comparison there in fighting capabilities. It only worth’s to mention the numerous accidents that have taken place during several drills of the Turkish navy to show the lack of training, skills and discipline that exists. Greeks and Israelis, both have something which is called spirit, something that does not exist in Turks.
    My Turkish friends, take a look at the Turkish Army operations in Kurdistan and you will see that numerous times your troops have fled after the first shots. Or it is better to mention that the former Chief of the Turkish Armed Forces had issued an order according to which only helicopters would resupply outposts because the army could not secure the supply routes in southeast turkey(inside your own country).
    Greeks and Israelis we know exactly the capabilities of Turkish Armed Forces. So please do not exaggerate. Be proud about your army but know your limits at the same time.
    And please do not be naïve about Greeks. If you try to do anything you will be surprised in many ways. The fact that we are facing a economic crisis does not mean that we will not protect our rights according to international law.
    In short we should move forward the Israeli-Greek-Cypriot axis. It is in the benefit of all our countries.

    P.S: To Cellat1071:
    I would recommend you to read the following book by George Horton, the US Consul in Smyrne in 1922, the book is titled “The Blight of Asia”. Read it and you will understand why it is titled like this.

    1. You are saying the flotilla incident was violation of sovereignty. First you should learn definition of sovereignty my friend! No country claim sovereignty on international water! Turkish citizens in flotilla were massacred in the international water of Mediterranean Sea not in the Israel’s territory. Second I understand your desire to revenge for Istanbul, but i think being an ass licker of Israel is not a good way to take revenge. If you can do, do it yourself! My advise to you my friend don’t waste your time for dreaming taking back Istanbul. All your efforts would be just vain attempts!

      1. The Israelis had the right under international law to blow that ship out of the water (in international water) once its ultimate destination became known. Ahmet simply doesn’t know the facts surrounding international law. As for ”massacre”, obtaining greater fire power in the midst of lack of unpreparedness (initially coming down the ropes with paintball guns) and defending their lives best way possible, the Turks should be happy that more of their terror crew weren’t snuffed out.

  11. My fellow Greek Reserve Officer covered the issues very well.
    But our so friendly neighbor cellat1071 , demonstrates so vividly that
    he has nothing to do with civilization. He is the perfect example of
    Turks that after the Neo Turk revolution have been taught that they should be proud
    for being Turks. Yet the history that they are taught must make a category of itself.
    It is how to make everybody else’s achievements your own. I understand it is very difficult to live on a land that everything you see around you are reminders of great
    civilizations other than Turkish.
    Now I understand why when I first visited Turkey it striked me of how many huge Turkish flags there were everywhere. They are reminders to the modern day residents that
    although it seems that they are renting , strangely enough they are the owners.
    So my friend cellat1071, be careful what you hate so much, because if you come from
    western Asia Minor your DNA most likely is Byzantine.
    As about the use of 1071 the date of the battle of Mantzikert, as big of a victory it was
    for the Seltzuks, it took your allegedly superior Turkish warriors 400 years to completely occupy Asia Minor. 400 years not of heroic actions as you may dream,
    but 400 years of terror, rape ,enslaving, destruction and forceful religion conversion.
    Nothing to be proud of I guess. The agricultural , the social and political fabric was severely injured. The various groups of Turks and Turkomans in constant need for pasture and resources were continously looting. and in the event that a group was
    settled the nomads were attacking them as well regardless. Your so admired empire
    was built by violence and plenty of blood on some other people’s land.
    You may also want to know that the Arabs captured the Middle East and North Africa in 10 years without much destruction, taking over two of the world’s most advanced Hellenistic
    scientific centers, Antioch and Alexandria. By doing that they were able to achieve
    great advances in sciences and engineering. Nothing of that sort that you may be
    proud of , for the various Turks.

  12. Even Mosques made under Ottoman rule can not be distinguished from Byzantine churches.

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