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Zero absence of evidence not enough for MSLSD

If you want to stop being accused of promoting anti-Semitism, the situation is easy to rectify, stop using (for political gain) well known anti-Semitic memes. Those who refuse to do so, will be challenged for their irrational, nonsensical statements about Jews of which there is zero evidence for. As in the Pertti Salolainen affair, claiming that ”Jews ( and Jewish lobby)  control vast amounts of money and media in the US”, the idea being, by which they steer debate on Israel in the direction of their choosing.

It’s an imbecilic statement that shows complete ignorance of the pro-Israel lobby, that it’s mainly comprised of non-Jews, many of whom hail from the evangelical community, but even outside that circle as well. The fact is, the majority of Americans, by default, choose to side with a fellow liberal democracy over that of an authoritarian regime. Salolainen, though not an anti-Semite in the classical sense, harbors anti-Semitic thoughts about Jews, Jewish control and their loyalties.

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012

To date, he has yet to apologize for his statements, preferring rather to portray himself as ”the victim”, which means that he still doesn’t get it, that describing U.S.Jews as controlling the flow of money and the media is anti-Semitic.

In view of that, one can see just how far the nonsense has gone to understand the need to confront it head on, regardless of how they whine and complain that we are intimidating them. Left unchecked, these morons would be turning pages from ”The Protocols” live on camera or on the radio.

alex wagner

MSNBC host Alex Wagner: Fear of anti-Semitism charge inhibits ‘robust discussion’ about Israel

As the ‘progressive’ network gears up to cover President Obama’s visit to Israel, the anchor of the daily ‘NOW with Alex Wagner’ describes the media conversation about Israel in the U.S. as ‘incredibly tricky.’

MSNBC midday host Alex Wagner believes that there is an element of “trepidation” that inhibits a “robust discussion” about Israel in the American media.


Wagner, an up-and-coming star of the left-leaning news network and the host of the daily “NOW with Alex Wagner” program, said  Israel is a “very important and potent subject that people are genuinely curious about, but are perhaps not educated enough about it or are trepidatious about tackling it.”

“I think it’s incredibly tricky to talk about this unless you are incredibly fluent on the issue and you have a nuanced and comprehensive grasp of what’s going on,” she said.

Wagner spoke to Haaretz at MSNBC headquarters in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center as part of a PR effort by NBC news network in advance of President Obama’s upcoming visit to Israel. The network, whose ratings have risen significantly over the past year – it trails Fox but has led CNN for the past four years – has been broadcast in Israel by the HOT cable company since December 2011.

Source Hahaaretz

NOTE: MSNBC is a next-to-nothing-in-media-ratings Leftist hangout for failed radio and television and political hack personalities.

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