Hugo Chavez



Decompose in peace.

And the living have to hassle with what he wrought upon them.


Chavez’s party embodies the very essence of Marxist socialism, as well as Hitler’s National Socialism and Mussolini’s Fascism. They all have much much more in common than they disagree with. That Chavez’s socialism has deep seated ”gringo hatred” and anti-Semitism, shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially when you take Marx’s writings into consideration.

‎” He allowed strikes only if controlled or even orchestrated by the regime. And, up to the end, he prosecuted, criminalized, and threw into prison independent trade unionists who, like Ruben Gonzalez, the representative of the Ferrominera mineworkers, refused to wait for Bolivarism to be fully realized before demanding decent working conditions, protection against mining accidents, and fair wages.”

NOTE: In other words the Venezuelan state controlled (still does) the trade unions, so what is the difference between the state he fashioned on the socialist model and a fascist state? (rhetorical question

“In a series of detailed research reports published over the last decade, the respected rights organization has documented the crushing of judicial independence, the large-scale censorship and intimidation of the media,the quashing of opposition parties and banishment and silencing of opponents, and the imprisonment of human-rights activists. During an era when such excesses and abuses of power were disappearing in most other major South American countries, Venezuela stood nearly alone in its magnitude of demagoguery.”

He may not have been a ”de facto” dictator, but he had the mindset of one, pursuing one means after the other to draw more power unto himself, and the fact that he abided by a national referendum that would have given yet more power unto himself, doesn’t remove that fact that he tried in the first place.

Posthuous Cult of Hugo Chávez

Leaving aside his anti-Semitism and his dictator allies, why would the left celebrate a man who repressed his people and wrecked the economy? It’s an insult to Venezuelans, says Bernard Henri-Lévy.


Supporters listen to the speech of acting president Nicolas Maduro during the official registration of his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election at the National Electoral Council (SNE) in Caracas, on March 11, 2013. (Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty)

The death of Hugo Chávez, followed by his elaborate funeral, has unleashed awave of political idiocy, and thus of disinformation, of a magnitude not seen in some time.

I will not dwell—because this much is well known—on Chávez the “friend of the people” whose closest allies were bloody-handed dictators: Ahmadinejad, Bashar al-Assad, Fidel Castro, and, formerly, Gaddafi.

Nor will I dwell long, because this, too, is public knowledge, on the Chávez whose pathological anti-Semitism over his 14-year rule drove two thirds of Venezuela’s Jewish community into exile. (It is hard to image that this Chávez is viewed by a minister in François Hollande’s government in France as a “cross between Léon Blum and de Gaulle.”) Was not Chavez the devotee of the conspiracy theories of Thierry Meyssan, the disciple of Argentine Holocaust denier Norberto Ceresole, who professed his surprise that Israelis “like to criticize Hitler” even though they “have done the same and perhaps worse”? How was a Jew in Caracas expected to react upon seeing his president stigmatize a minority made up of “descendants of those who crucified Jesus Christ” and who had, according to Chávez, “made off with the world’s wealth”?

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  1. Every march fifth I will buy a picture of Hugo and piss on it in dishonour of that socialistic anti-democrat pig.

    1. I deeply respect you and wish you all the best in properly remembering Chavez the Chav for what he truly was – a despot. 🙂

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