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Everything to do with self survival.

I suggest that the ”Yentas” from the Leftard ‘Women For Civil Disobedience’ organization, to put their money where their mouth is, and ride exclusively only on these Arab buses to show their true grit. Their escapades would last about three blocks.

UPDATE: Yisrael Medad,  who was interviewed in the article, has more on it at his blog.

Yirsael Medad, a spokesman for the Jewish Settlers Council, said Israelis felt justified in refusing to share buses with Palestinians because of Israel’s experience with suicide bombers.
“Since we ride buses with Arabs every day in Israel, it’s not a racist thing but for some strange reason, Arabs blow themselves up in buses and Israelis find that very unnerving,” he said. “If you were to ask some bright young radical, he would say forcing Arabs to ride Israeli uses would be a form of colonialism. Having their own buses should be very much welcomed as part of a state-building process.”


Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of racial segregation

Israel has been accused of encouraging racial segregation after a new Palestinian-only bus service was launched following objections by Jewish settlers who claimed Arab passengers were “a security risk”.

From Monday Palestinians travelling to day jobs into central Israel from the West Bank will be urged to board special buses at a checkpoint instead of the regular services used by Israelis.

The scheme was drawn up by the Israeli transport ministry after residents in two Jewish settlements complained that Palestinians travellers on the Trans-Samaria road – also known as Highway 5 – between the West Bank and Tel Aviv were a potential threat.

There were also reports of overcrowding and fights between Israeli and Palestinian passengers.

The transport ministry insisted the move was “designed to improve the service for Palestinians entering Israel”.

But some (TT edit: faux) human rights groups called it “blatant racism” that resembled South African-style apartheid.

More here.

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  1. And separate buses are going to avert suicide bus bombings how? A bus load of potential Pali-butt-bomb shahids can do as much if not more harm as a truck bomb during a congested commute. Perhaps the Israeli’s are willing to perform individual body cavity searches of these Pali commuters as well?
    Segregated buses isn’t the answer. Understanding these so-called “Palestinians” will work around such deterrents to fulfill their doctrinal duty to perform jihad terror against all non-Muslims, be they Jew/Hindu/Christian/Buddhist/etc. until all submit to rule under Islam. Eliminate the doctrine which feeds the threat.

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