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Thanks for the high honor, we must be doing something right.

oic 2011-2012 report on Islamophobia

Remember folks, as Naked Islam says, it isn’t Islamofauxbia when they really are trying to subjugate and/or kill you.

sec-gen helsinkiI’ve been on the OIC’s watch list for years. They’re real pissed off for my exposing their secretary-general as a bigot and denier of Muslim antisemitism, as well as for exposing their republishing of the dreaded Pig-Mohamed.

They took it down after I published about it, then they quietly placed it back online after the commotion died down.


It doesn’t bother a bit to publish Pig-Mohamed, the video explains why:

So the OIC is once again busy reporting on those of us who refuse to submit to sharia law, which is an act all by itself an offense to Islam, making us subject to the harshest of penalties if we lived within an Islamic state.

oic islamophobia watch tundra tabloids graces its pages 3.3.2013

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  1. Sheesh… The class warriors are so, so dumb. They construct a fictional reality, and then fall into believing it themselves. They made the EDL/UAF demos about numbers back in 2009/2010; then they felt defeated when at the end of 2010 the numbers were almost always against them. For instance, yesterday’s EDL demo in Manchester had 700 EDL, 350 UAF; in 2009 it was 700 EDL, 1400 UAF. Who’s lost the numbers game there? By playing the numbers game, they have taught their own supporters that they have lost. If they had made it about ideas or rhetoric, then they could claim to be winning.

    We see the same thing with them using Alexa stats. The only people to install Alexa are either a) geeks or b) interested in the stats of various websites. I’m a geek, and a very active internet user; I’ve never once installed the Alexa toolbar, so I’ve never been counted in the stats that Alexa has. I don’t fit the profile KlaaseKampen claims for the typical counter-jihadist, and neither does a single one of my friends (all under 65, all in work).

    But keep on, you dumb lefties. Keep on believing that EDL etc. are funded by mysterious billionaires. Keep on believing that its all about numbers at demos. Keep on believing that the counter-jihad movement is made up 65 y.o. unemployed men. The more you keep deceiving yourselves and deceiving others the harder it is for you to mount a counter-offensive.

  2. Tommy Robinson and the other EDL members look pretty good for a bunch of lonely old senior citizens dont they ?.

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