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Way too little, way too late.

The Norwegians are well known for investigating Israel in great detail and nitpicking on it to the point of obsession, but after seventy years they have not yet investigated their own wartime past. It was the  Norwegians who arrested the Jews and not the Germans. The Norwegians handed the arrested Jews over to the German occupiers.

The main article is behind a pay wall, but the summary of it (directly below, followed by an article referring to it) talks only of the heroic role of the Norwegian resistance. (And much less of the Norwegian SS members of the Viking division which may have participated in the murders of Jews in Eastern Europe).

NOTE: This is one more major chink in the fallacious myth of Norwegian humanitarianism.



Dagsavisen 2013 02 26 p 39   (SUMMARY)
Jonas Brække
The Chief of Communications within state railroad carrier NSB, Åge Christoffer Lundeby, expresses apology, or at least a sort of, over NSB contributions to deportations of Norwegian Jews in WW2.
“Very regrettable.
The Chief of Communications within the NSB admits little has been done to discover the truth about the fateful train journey.
‘Obviously, the persecution and deportation of the Jews is a dark chapter in Norwegian history, which the PM, Jens Stoltenberg apologized over in last year. The participation of NSB in this story is also very regrettable.
Can this be regarded a formal apology by the NSB?
‘At least as an apology might be given. Like so much material written on WW2; the role of historians has been over the role in the resistance against the occupiers. And to a very small degree about the darker sides of the history of NSB during the war.
Will the NSB make an effort to correct this?
‘I shall pass this idea on; however as of today this is not something that has been discussed through the twelve years I have been employed by the NSB. The present day leadership is very preoccupied with the trains running; there has been little time to evaluate whether historical works should also be published.
70 years is plenty of time?
‘Yes, but the main contribution of NSB to the community is to run the transportation of people and goods”.

NSB trainstation

NSB sorry for deportation of Norwegian Jews

– NSB has done little to clarify what happened when the Norwegian Jews were sent to death with NSB help.

Apologies come after writers Einar O. Risa and Jan Erik Vold calls for a larger settlement with the NSB and the police for their role in the deportations.

NSB had asked for available cars that transported Jewish detainees from the labor camp Berg at Tønsberg, to the pier in Oslo where the cargo ship Donau transported Jews to German concentration camps.

The authors Einar O. Risa and Jan Erik Vold have been involved in the case and called for a larger settlement with both NSB and the police for their role in the deportations, writes Dagsavisen .

Risa believes NSB has done little to clarify what happened when Norwegian Jews were sent to death with NSB help. NSB responds to criticism with regret for its role in the deportations.

– It is clear that the persecution and deportation of Jews is a dark chapter in Norwegian history which Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg apologized for last year. NSB’s participation in this story is regrettable, says NSB communications manager Åge-Christoffer Lundeby.

He says this is as far as one can get for an apology from the side of the NSB.

Risa is critical of what he calls the “regret industry.”

– These regrets are not what we need most. We need knowledge of what happened when the Norwegian Jews were deported. It is sad that this story to a larger extent has not been written down. I call for a greater willingness among historians to go into this material. And it would be becoming of NSB to show interest, for example, by hiring historians or sponsoring projects on this story. But NSB has not been interested in this story. It is probably due to ignorance, says Risa.


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