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Only in this age can deriding totalitarianism, even after all the evidence of past utopian, totalitarian ideologies in the last century, can earn you the title of bigot and fear monger.  The chief thing to understand here is, that no person, let alone a politician, is perfect, it’s always a mixed batch.

I have some issues with Geert Wilders, but that aside, I also believe that he is a person who can learn from his mistakes and continue to push the chief issues of the day. The thing that’s most important is that on the big issues of the day, he gets it right.

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“The majority of them are not extremist. But there is no such thing as moderate Islam.”

Free speech stoned to death

IF you needed proof that free speech in Australia is on the run, look at what happened when Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders came to town.

With 10 per cent of the vote in Holland, Wilders is a mainstream politician, leading the third largest political party in one of the most tolerant liberal democracies in the world. Yet in Australia he is treated like a pariah, denied a visa for months, and unable to secure a venue for his speaking tour in Perth.

Instead of a “welcome to country” before he spoke to audiences in Sydney and Melbourne last week, organisers had to read aloud a statement of Victoria’s racial and religious tolerant act.

As much as anything, this curious legal requirement adhered to by the Melbourne-based Q society which hosted Wilders, explains why Australians are open to his message of creeping Islamisation.

That and the enormous security needed to guard him from assassins 24-hours-a-day.

It is shameful that of all the Western democracies Geert Wilders has visited it turns out, Australia is the most repressive.

Not only did more than 30 venues refuse to host him or cancel at the last minute, politicians denounced him and in Melbourne protesters tried to block the entrance of the function hall where he was speaking and pushed at least one attendee to the ground in violent clashes.

This of course is great publicity for Wilders. When you meet him in person, he is much more normal than his image would suggest. The shock of hair isn’t quite so yellow and he presents as a tall, well-dressed, quietly spoken, articulate politician with perfect English.

“I have no problem with Muslims,” he said reasonably on a balcony in an undisclosed location on Sydney harbour, with yachts clinking nearby, and an armed bodyguard even nearer.

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  1. Amazing to think that in the 1960s Australia has a whites-only policy. Now they want to emulate London. Aristotle thousands of years ago warned that when a country takes on too many immigrants in too short a time it’s a disaster, and his wisdom still applies, because human nature still remains, depite the utopians’ arrogant folly of attempting to re-engineer it.

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