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Only hatred suffices.

Of course there will always be some Arabs that get it, whether it be about Israel or Islam, but they will always be cut off at the knees by the overwhelming majority of the Muslim world. Apostasy and pro-Jewish sentiment has always run aground upon the sharp shoals of Islamic texts.

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Analysis: Arab daily praises Israel, gets bashed

02/08/2013 01:39

Dr. Amal al-Hazzani receives flood of hate mail for her article published in ‘Asharq al-Awsat’

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in London, 2012

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in London, 2012 Photo: Reuters

The popular Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat published two articles recently that presented a relatively positive view of Israel compared to the usual strongly negative image of the country in the Arab media.

Dr. Amal al-Hazzani, an assistant professor at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, wrote an article about a week ago titled “The Israel we do not know ” – and received a flood of hate mail. She went on to write another article, published Thursday, responding to the harsh reaction.

A look at the two articles, as well as the public response, is telling of where the acceptable boundaries in Arab culture lie when it comes to discussion of Israel.

In the first article, Hazzani analyzed the results of the Israeli elections, noting that the focus had been on internal issues and that politicians had acted with devotion and sincerity to promote the interests of the people as a whole.

This has not been the case in Arab countries since the Arab Spring, he said. There, Arab politicians focus on “their affiliation to a certain group” and “heap insults upon Israel from their luxurious hotel rooms. However, they are still unaware as to where, why and how these feelings of hatred towards Israel came about.”

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