The OIC is the most singular evil force in the world today. The dangers it poses to the West far outweighs anything al-Qaida is capable of doing.

OIC kicked out

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oic want a seat on the un security council 8.2.2013

Should there be reserved seats for religions in the United Nations? If we’re going to go theocracy, we might as well go all the way.

The 56-member Organization of Islamic Conference, the largest Muslim organization in the world, should have a seat on the UN Security Council, said Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, its secretary-general.

“One of the important objectives for which I have been exerting a lot of efforts was to have a seat for OIC in the Security Council to represent 1.5 billion Muslims in the world,” Ihsanoglu told reporters in Cairo.

Observer Islamic Countries opposed a permanent seat for India in the UN Security Council, saying it would be an injustice with the Muslim World. A permanent Security Council seat in the UN for India means a major injustice with 1.90 billion’s Muslim of world said Faisal Muhammed.

And a UN Security Council seat will be a great forum for the OIC’s Blasphemy War against Freedom of Speech.

Source: Front Page Mag.

OIC ishanoglu

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  1. …and how about a seat on the Security Council for Christians, for Jews, for Hindus, for Buddhists, for Scientologists, for Atheists…..
    It’s the United Nations, not the United Ideologies.
    There are currently three non-permanent seats on the Security Council that are occupied by muslim countries (Pakistan, Morocco, Azerbaijan) and OIC members form a large voting block (56 countries) in the UN General Assembly. The OIC wants a permanent seat on the Security Council because unlike the non-permanent seats it allows the occupier of the seat to wield a veto. Importantly, the veto can block any Security Council resolution on military intervention or economic sanction. They could form a united Ummah as a nation state (as if that’s likely with Sunni and Shia enmity) and then press for a permanent seat as a nation on the Security Council, but then of course they’d have to relinquish any non-permanent seats on the Security Council and all but one those 56 seats in the General Assembly.

  2. Faisal Muhammed “International Mediator” first time demand UN security council seat
    for Muslim World in 2000 he said that time if Muslim not get this power Muslim states will destroy time by time , where is Iraq , Where is Libya ,Where is Egypt, Where is Afghanistan?

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