Hillary Clinton



She never deserved elective office.

And make no mistake about it, if she runs for the presidency in 2016, pseudo Democrat supporters of Israel will vote for her. They’ll turn a blind eye for whatever the reason, conveniently forgetting what this pants suit of crap said.


H/T: Sheikh Yer’Mami, (pbuh) who has this take on her.

Clinton Blames America For Failures In Islamic Regions‏ – OpEd

By: Jim Kouri

February 3, 2013

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned over her office to Sen. John Kerry, she stated on Friday during her speech at the Council on Foreign Relations that America is at fault for the unrest in the Muslim world because of a failure to explain U.S. policies.

When a reporter questioned Clinton on why favoritism toward America by the Muslim nations during the Obama administration has been considerably lower than during the Bush administration, Clinton responded: “I take responsibility, along with our entire government and our Congress and perhaps our private sector.”

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton

“In other words, everyone is responsible because most Americans are part of the private sector. The fact is the people in Islamic nations hate America because most of its citizens are not Muslims and the U.S. people for the most part support Israel,” said political consultant and attorney Jacob Wollinsky.

Clinton made her remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington in her final address as secretary of state. She stepped down on Friday and is succeeded by Democratic Senator John Kerry.

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  1. Hilary Clinton has effectively committed treason by words. This lump-of-shit bitch is nothing but anti-American, seditious trash.
    Her words are implying that the U.S. should become a Muslim nation (“Islamic nations hate America because most of its citizens are not Muslims”). She can’t even take responsibility for the shit that the Democrat administration has brought without having to blame the private sector as well. The private sector are not to blame.
    She has bought herself a ticket to Hell and hopefully she will never set foot anywhere near the White House.
    Now I know why, that despite their personal rivalries, she was almost joined at the hip with Obama. Birds of a feather flock together. Scum hangs around with scum, liars make bedfellows with other liars, and traitors dine with other traitors.
    You’re a has-been, Hilary – in fact you’re a never-was. History will write about you with unkind words. You’re even worse than your husband.
    The Clintons and the Obamas, both trash couples, all four of them, scum-of-the-Earth.

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