Anti-Israel bigotry and bias



A factually challenged report by a highly biased anti-Israel NGO, so what else it new?

Without providing any proper context whatsoever on the incidents in question, we are left with B’telem (a Leftist political organization) describing for us how terrible the IDF is.  From Brian’s FB page:

Brian j Thomas on EU UN hypocrisy concerning Israel 31.1.2013

NGO Monitor thoroughly debunks B’tselem’s hit piece, read it in full here.

Finally, yet significantly, the report neglects to make any mention that in many instances, these violent riots cause physical injury and death to residents in Judea and Samaria, and cause significant property damage – not to mention the danger they pose to the security forces responsible for ensuring the public order and safety. The fact that B’tselem fails to make any mention of the dangers and results of these instances of violent riots is telling.

UN, Europe reprimand Israel for deadly use of live fire

After eight Palestinian civilians were killed by crowd control weapons, organizations urge Israel to exercise ‘maximum restraint’

By RAPHAEL AHREN January 31, 2013, 12:57 pm

The United Nations and the European Union rebuked the Israeli army Wednesday for the use of live fire to disperse demonstrations in the West Bank, and called for investigations into the increasing number of civilian casualties caused by crowd control weapons.


The IDF submitted a detailed seven-page response to B’Tselem’s allegations, included in the report. “When dealing with illegal and violent disruptions of the public order, the IDF exerts tremendous effort in trying to minimize harm done to rock hurlers, rioters or other disrupters of public order and safety,” the responds argues. B’Tselem’s conclusions rest on “faulty factual and normative foundations,” a spokesperson said.

More here.

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  1. why should any one with even a hint of decency and honesty listen to the UN?
    a festering pit of leftist, politicaly correct corruption well pst its use by date.

  2. More pompous bluster from the useless UN, never a word on the ongoing pogrom being perpetrated against Christians and other Infidels all through Asia, Africa and most of the Middle East.

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