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More male wimps.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

Let me see here, a 37 year old on fake documentation who likes the democratic west. What’s not being asked  here is, why doesn’t he stay put and fight for pluralist democracy on his home turf? If he likes democracy so much, he should prove it, and fight against the Assad regime and the jihadists.


MARSTA, Sweden — Wisam Attiki was drawn by the tales of Nordic refuge: All he had to do was set foot in Sweden, his fellow Syrians said, and the rich, peaceful nation would let him stay.

Still, the 37-year-old from Damascus was surprised at how little fuss there was when he arrived last week at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport on a flight from Turkey. He said the Swedish border police showed sympathy when he confessed that his travel documents were fakes that he had bought for €9,000 ($12,000).

“I’m from Syria. I need help,” was all he had to say to gain entry, Attiki told The Associated Press. He had just spent his first night in Sweden at a reception center for asylum-seekers in Marsta, a suburb near the airport.

Along with Germany, which is nine times larger, Sweden stands out in Europe for its generous welcome to refugees fleeing a conflict that has killed tens of thousands and uprooted many more. European Union statistics show those two countries have received about two-thirds of the Syrians seeking shelter in the 27-nation bloc.

But Swedish officials say the influx is taking a toll on their immigration system.

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  1. well done, sweden. you have decided to submit to genocide. your plan is working very well. in 50 years there will not be any swedes. if you are going to submit to genocide, do it as fast as you can. nothing like another large bolus of killers and rapists imported into your country. your grandchildren will despise this generation of swedes as the worst traitors in history. but what is the hatred of your descendants compared with the gratitude of your islamic masters? got to have your priorities.

  2. I’m actually proud of Sweden for helping us Syrians and I thank it and all people who have been willing to help us.

    1. Why don’t you stay put and fight with the FSA, the non-jihadi branch? If you love your country, grow a pair and fight for freedom.

      1. First of all I’m not in Sweden I’m still in Syria second of all even if I tried I can’t join the FSA since they won’t let me since I’m 17 but they have my full support and if they needed me at anytime I’d be happy to help.

        1. Eh….I’ve seen younger than that involved in the fighting there.

          1. The Syrian Army makes 14+ fight with them but as much as I tried joining the FSA they just didnt allow it trust me if they ask me to join soon I won’t think twice.

          2. Yasser, soon might be coming nearer than you think. I don’t have any easy answers for you, as I see it, speaking realistically, the islamic fundamentalist terrorists are not going away anytime soon, neither is Assad, Syria is just one more failed Muslim state. Minus the civil society (that allows for pluralism, diversity in opinions and the idea among the general public that ”though they are offended or just in disagreement, they’ll however defend the right to say those unpleasant things or promote offensive ideas. That’s missing from the ME (except in Israel where Arabs have as much right to denounce this, that or the other without fear of retribution from the state or the general public).

  3. I dont know why I cannot reply directly there’s no reply button so idk if you were gettting notified about my replies and you wont now.. Anyway if you do read it here it goes, I’m pretty sure that I as an educated Syrian would be of more help to the FSA if I finished my studies since I might learn something different than just holding a gun and shooting (no that I’m saying that that’s not important) but im pretty sure id be more of help if I was a medic or a doctor or an engineer or a specialist in any kind of way and I know that you think I should be helping the FSA right now but I dont think they’d want to lose their educated supporters and I shall be helping as soon as they need me and maybe even earlier and if you don’t agree with that or think it’s bs and that I should be fighting now you must know that everyone’s opinion here contradicts with yours and I dont really know how that came up because of me saying that I’m proud of Sweden for helping my people.

  4. Yasser,

    There is no point of convincing “KGS” with what you are saying, it’s obvious he just one of those extremest racist who believes that ALL Arabs and Muslims are brutes and terrorists which needs to be killed or exiled from this planet.
    Rest assured that there are many who sympathize with your people and support the liberation of Syria from the Assad regime.
    You have my support mate 🙂

    1. Hey Jim, It’s irrelevant how many Muslims are not brutes or terrorists. When talking about proportions, large swathes of Muslims believe in corporal punishment for those who insult Mohamed. That means hundreds of millions of people all over the world. My focus is on Islam, not so much on how many people adhere to this and that., what all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence teach, and dictate as de facto Islamic law, is what concerns me. Any kind of pleasantness exhibited by Muslims, is from their own humanity, not from canonized Islamic law. Get it?

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