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If it walks and squawks like a duck…..

It’s the same ancient irrational Jew hatred now seen on the international level, this time directed at the world’s only Jewish state. It’s the main reason why the UN’s General Assembly has passed an umpteenth number of non-binding resolutions against the Jewish state, but next to none against the Arab/Muslim states that are both members and heads of UN regional groups.

A good friend, TINSC, coined a phrase long ago, that ”If not for antisemitism, the War Against Israel (WAI) could simply not exist”. It was true then, as it is now, and Augstein is a prime example of this new antisemitism, as well as Finland’s Pertti Salolainen who has involved himself in both forms ofancient and new, Jew hatred.

EJC head blasts ‘Spiegel’ writer for ‘Israel hatred’

01/08/2013 19:11

European Jewish Congress head Kantor accuses Augstein of using his columns to stoke hate against Israel and Jews.

Jakob Augstein

Jakob Augstein Photo: Wikimedia Commons

BERLIN – Dr. Moshe Kantor, the head of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), accused Der Spiegel journalist Jakob Augstein of using his columns to stoke hatred against Israel and Jews.

In a statement given to The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday, Kantor wrote, “Certain journalists and other opinion-shapers, among them Jakob Augstein, over the last few years have used their columns to promote hate and fear of the Jewish state and the Jewish people.”

“Obviously they are not the same thing, but when the age-old canards that were used against Jews for hundreds of years appear to be directly replicated against the Jewish state, this should tell us something about the dangerous lines that these people are treading,” Kantor, who is widely considered a leading authority on contemporary anti-Semitism, continued.

“If these people are using the same unoriginal attacks against the Jewish state as were used against the Jewish people, then we have a right to defend ourselves in exactly the same way and call this hatred for what it is.”

The EJC represents more than 2.5 million Jews throughout Europe, covering 42 national Jewish communities.

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  1. There has been a serious rise in antisemitism in Europe over the last few years.
    It’s time to have a campaign to stop it.
    The irony is ;is that left wing tits who support Hamas and other Islamic barbarians would be amongst the first to suffer under an Islamic regime.
    Some of the material collected by MEMRI should be shown on national TV shows throughout Europe.

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