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These are the same kind of simpletons, however, who are the first to claim that the Norwegian blogger Fjordman (and others) influenced the mass murderer, A.B. Breivik, in his crimes, regardless of the fact that the latter admitted that his murderous path was set in stone years before Fjordman and others started to warn about Islamization.

NOTE: The ones who are really guilty of incitement are let free, and the ones who warn about the dangers posed by political Islam and those who adhere to it….are victimized as Neo-Nazis. That is the farcical reality of the present day.

H/T: Fjordman

terrorists favorite bookseller conviction overturned 5.1.2013

 Court of Appeal judges found the prosecution in his original trial had been wrongly allowed to rely on the fact that the books had been found in the homes of high profile terrorists, without there being any suggestion that the offenders had actually been encouraged by the books to commit their terrorist acts.

Faraz was convicted of 11 counts of possessing and disseminating terrorist publications at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court in 2011.

He was sentenced to three years in jail for running an operation to publish extremist texts and violent DVDs and distribute them around the world with the aim of “priming” terrorists for action.

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