They really couldn’t care less about history and experience.


To show you just how delusional Per Ankersjö is, he actually believes that he can introduce the policy of ”lower wages for new immigrants” as a means to get new immigrants working straight away. Nice try in a heavily regulated/unionized society where the minimum wage is inscribed into the bedrock of the welfare state. It’ll never happen, the unions/hard Left will fight it every step of the way.

Every state should manage its immigration policies carefully, allowing only those who will benefit their society. Welfare states are notoriously known as magnets for people without high level of skills, and when their full weight and impact is felt that society, social cohesion and economic calamity is not for behind. Sweden appears prone to trailblazing, and at its own peril.

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  • Record figures for Sweden Democrats

‘Open the borders’: Centre Party

Published: 16 Dec 12 11:01 CET |

The Swedish Centre Party believes free immigration into Sweden could solve the country’s labour-power needs.

The Centre Party has outlined the new immigration policy in its proposal for a new party programme, writing that Sweden should open its borders and welcome anyone who wants to come to the country.

“Anybody who wants to should be able to create a future here,” Per Ankersjö, chairman of the Centre Party programme group, told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

According to Ankersjö, who is a city commissioner in Stockholm, open borders are a necessity due to Sweden’s lack of labour power and the “flight” from sparsely populated areas.

“Parts of Sweden are dying out and there is a great need for workers in some types of jobs that Swedes don’t want,” said Ankersjö.

He emphasized that the new immigration policy would need to be combined with a new labour market policy. For instance, the Centre Party proposes measures to guarantee more flexibility in the system as well as the introduction of lower wages for those who are new on the labour market.

“I believe most people would choose low-paid work over being alienated for 10 years,” said Ankersjö.

He denied that the Centre Party wants to import foreign workers to fill low-status positions.

“I don’t see it that way,” said Ankersjö.

“Having a job in Sweden involves much greater quality of life than living in poverty or as a refugee elsewhere. That’s how one should view this.”

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