In Leftist diplospeak, it’s called ‘peace making’!

”The Elders” 

The coauthored piece by these two ”Elders” is what you would expect from people parading themselves under such a ludicrous title. (Actually, they’re “U.N. Jim Crow law ” advocates, I’ll explain why in a few). They applaud the UNGA’s open violation of the Oslo Accords with its vote, approving observer status for the PLO, as well as discriminating against businesses in Jewish population centers in Judea and Samaria that employ both, Arabs and Jews.

This is Europe’s big chance to help the two-state solution become reality

The Elders: “The EU has repeatedly urged Israel to “immediately end all settlement activity”. And yet, by trading with settlements, Europe is inadvertently shoring up their economic viability and contributing to their permanence.”

The Elders urge the EU to pressure Israel to end expansion of its illegal settlements. By taking action on settlement products, they argue, Europe can help to safeguard the two-state solution. A version of this article first appeared in The Guardian.

The piece contains an entirely false premise, that Jewish population centers in Judea and Samaria are ‘illegal”, so anything produced in them are supposedly illegitimate and should be boycotted. On the contrary, these Jewish population centers are very much legitimate, the only reason why they are being deemed ”illegal, is due the political machinations of authoritarian Arab and leftist regimes hostile to Israel, who have taken over key positions of the U.N.’s political and justice system.

These international legislative bodies, and the courts that upholds their decisions, are not unlike the highly racist/discriminatory legislative bodies that existed throughout the period of segregation in the southern states of the U.S.

These racist political bodies brought into existence what became to be known as the ”Jim Crow laws”, and upheld them within their courts between the years of 1876-1965. These racist and discriminatory laws were used against African Americans in order to keep them disfranchised. Israel is routinely denied a seat in in the various UN regional committees, and then delegitimized by these same bodies. An international racially motivated disenfranchisement.

The issue of water is also used as a bludgeon by these two ”elders”, claiming that Israel is ”controlling the water” of the Palestinians, as if the Jews can control the rainfall originating in the mountains located in Israel proper. They clearly bank on the ignorance of the average reader on these issues. Also, if not for Arab terrorism in the hills of Judea and Samaria, non-Israeli use of roads connecting Jewish towns and cities would be allowed.

The point I’m making here is, if not for the over the top bastardizing of the facts by dopes like Ahtisaari and Robinson, and the anti-Israel votes, rulings and verdicts by these modern day ”Jim Crow” legislators and judges, there would have been a peaceful solution to the Arabs’ conflict with Israel ages ago. The West would have taken a no nonsense attitude to their demagoguery and propaganda, thereby removing a key tool in their evil war against the Jews.

Former presidents, Ahtisaari and Robinson are by-products of the U.N. ”Jim Crow” political machine, and should be seen as such. They are the enablers of the Modern Day Jim Crow law system at the U.N., now used to discriminate against the Jewish state of Israel.


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  1. Great analysis of the elders which is nothing but a Ahtisaari initiative
    to get more publicity just like his think tank that has not produced anything
    at all except people traveling around the world giving and getting garlands !
    Its time Mr Know it all takes along his idiot Know it all Tuomioja and move to
    Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.
    Neither Aftisaari or Tuomioja could answer if I given 10 normal questions
    regarding ME and its culture and history . I wish someone would do me that
    favour and ask them. I think the people need to see how little they actually
    do know about being a Jew or Muslim or the history of ME.

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