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At least this for this year.

This is going to happen all over Europe with increased measure as once indigenous areas are repopulated with immigrants not willing to partake of the host culture’s mores and traditions. In times past it was called imperialist colonialism and now despised, today it’s called multiculturalism and you’re forced to accept it at face value, or run the risk of being called a racist. It’s the same mindset in both circumstances.

NOTE: This is a victory for SIAD

Nation’s most discussed tree is in place

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Justin Cremer
The Copenhagen Post: December 3, 2012 – 22:24

Denmark’s ‘War on Christmas’ looks to be over … for now

“Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree …” (Photo: Scanpix)

After weeks of drama that have included a five-hour “aggressive” meeting attended by international mediadeath threats against the culture minister and numerous prominent voices expressing concern that one local association’s decision was sounding the death knell for Danish values, there is now a Christmas tree in the Egedalsvænge housing association in Kokkedal.

The tree was raised to the top of the housing association’s garden pavilion on Friday.

In response, the ‘anti-Islamification’ group Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark (SIAD) called off planned protests originally scheduled for the weekend.

The tree made its appearance just two days after the housing association selected a new chairman and two new “Christmas tree-friendly members”.

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