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See how warped the thinking is in these wonk tanks?

Not only should Hamas be boycotted, they should be pulverized into submission as imperial Japan was and Hitler’s National Socialists. How many times have we heard about Hamas’ ”social welfare” network, as well as Hezbollah’s, if that alone grants it a legitimacy for public office and world recognition.

Nothing could be more to the contrary. They are a thugocracy, treating their people as any two-bit gangster in a mob would with a society under its power. Al Capone’s mob had Chicago under its full grip in the 20’s, using this wonk’s present day approach to the gangsters of yesteryear, Capone’s mob, simply from the fact of their welfare state within a state, should have been coddled, even given a measure of respectability due to their largess in keeping people loyal to themselves.

What utter nonsense. As the organized crime syndicate was labeled, stigmatized and eventually taken down by the federal government, so to the Islamic mobsters of Hamastan and yes, their fellow Islamo-mobsters in Lebanon, the Hezbollah, who are touted by many in the West (in Finland as well) for their generous ”welfare programs”.

Hamas and islamo-Paleostinian nazis .

Don’t Boycott Hamas

How to Reach a Political Agreement Before the Next War

The November 21 cease-fire that ended the recent fighting between Israel and Hamas left key issues unresolved. Even if calm has been temporarily restored to the area, history suggests that it is unlikely to last. Over the past decade, the absence of violence has not meant peace but merely a temporary lull until the next outburst. Long after any given cease-fire, Israelis and Palestinians do not forget the injustices and killings that incited hostilities in the first place. Absent a political solution that addresses each side’s core grievances, a relapse into violence is inevitable.

If Israel and the international community wish to break this pattern, they need to reconsider their strategic approach to Hamas. Historically, Israel has failed to take advantage of the sporadic appearance of potential interlocutors within Hamas, preferring instead to rely on temporary cease-fires coupled with extrajudicial assassinations. “Mowing the lawn” — the metaphor that a number of Israeli officials have used to describe what they see as a necessary chore of intermittently destroying Hamas’ infrastructure in Gaza — is an unsustainable solution that only perpetuates the cycle of violence. The international community’s boycott of Hamas, upheld on the grounds that it is a terrorist organization committed to Israel’s destruction, has failed. A new approach is desperately needed.

Hamas is not some marginal resistance organization; it is a powerful political movement that has integrated itself into the Palestinian national fabric. Born out of the social services network of the Muslim Brotherhood, which catered to local needs in the West Bank and Gaza for decades, Hamas garners support from many Palestinians, who believe that the movement is justly fighting for their rights against a brutal occupation. As a crucial player in the Palestinian nationalist movement, it commands legitimacy domestically and among key allies abroad, whether or not the United States, Europe, Israel, or even the Palestinian Authority try to wish it away.

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