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So over the top that even the BBC has problems with it.

The reasoning of the councilwoman as to why these children were removed, in spite of the excellent care they were receiving, was that UKIP doesn’t support multiculturalism. What she’s implying is that UKIP is by default, against a multi-ethnic society, something which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let me present it in another context.

The United States has always prided itself as a multi-ethnic society, the ”melting pot society”, something that’s even represented in its currency, with words E pluribus unum, or in English, ”Out of many, one” printed on every note. What this woman is saying is that the UK multicultural model is better than the US multi-ethnic melting pot model, and that UKIP promotes…… racism.

UKIP recognizes that a multi-cultural society that allows competing cultures to exist within the host society has been a disaster. Such models have proven themselves to be abject failures every where they’ve been tried, that instead of creating a whole ‘quilted’ society with many patches, the multi-culti project ends up tearing the fabric of society into multiple pieces as each culture tries to exact a larger role for itself in society at the others’ expence. The monoculture of Islam being a prime example.

Such a policy as multi-culturalism typifies the mindset of the governing statist. As much as they loathe individualism, they love the ”masses”, as they set to splicing and dicing society into the many portions that they themselves ”know how to put back together again”. The only way a statist can rule, is to divide the society, and then act the ”great arbitrator and equalizer” in dispensing one form patronizing largess for party fealty. This is what has happened, albeit with great success (for the Democrat party) but to the detriment of the African American communities that inhabit the inner cities of the once great metropolises.

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