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  1. Anti-semitic hate chants and pro-Palestinian banner linked to attack in Rome originally attributed to football hooliganism.
    Daily Mail Nov 22, 2012: Stabbed Spurs fan describes attack by Italian hooligans in Rome

    Trouble flared ahead of Europa League game between Tottenham and Lazio in Rome

    There are now suggestions the attack was racially motivated as witnesses claim there were shouts of ‘Jews’ and anti-Semitic chants when up 50 Italian hooligans descended on the Campo de Fiori square in Rome to confront their Tottenham Hotspur rivals.
    The attackers are thought to be Ultras – extreme right-wing supporters of Lazio.
    Raffaele Ranucci, a senator in Italy’s centre-left Democratic Party, called for an investigation into the 1am incident.
    He said it had ‘anti-semitic, racist and Fascist connotations’.
    Tottenham Hotspur has a strong Jewish presence among its fans.
    The Lazio fans at the Europa League fixture in Rome last night sang anti-semitic chants, including ‘Juden Tottenham’, using the German word for Jew. They also unveiled a banner reading ‘Free Palestine’.
    The violence the night before the game was described as ‘urban warfare’ by the Italian press. Masked thugs armed with knives, baseball bats and knuckle dusters stormed the Drunken Ship, hunting for Englishmen to attack.

    Gas canisters were thrown through the windows of the pub and the thugs tried to stop anyone entering or leaving.
    trying to turn the pub into a gas chanber?

    Lazio chairman Claudio Lotito claimed: ‘Lazio fans have nothing to do with what happened last night at Campo de Fiori.
    ‘As for those really involved, there will be surprises.
    ‘For example that among these madmen and delinquents – who should be punished hard – there were three foreigners.
    What foreigners might those be, so violently anti-semitic?

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