Brought to you by the same beasts that threw Fatah members from the roofs of high buildings when they took over Gaza.

Six men accused of being ”collaborators” were summarily executed and their bodies dragged (at least one) through the streets of Gaza City.

From Elder of Ziyon: 

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has a photo of the gruesome extrajudicial punishment.

By the way, this means that Hamas has killed twice as many Palestinian Arabs as they have killed Israelis during the current fighting.

AP adds:

Witnesses said the six men were pulled out of a van Tuesday, forced to lie face down on the street and then shot dead.

Five bodies lay in a pile as a mob stomped and spit on them. A sixth body was tied to a motorcycle and dragged through the streets as people screamed, “Spy! Spy!”

Hamas posted a sign on an electricity pole, naming the six alleged informers.

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  1. KG …you may already know of this…but CONGRATULATIONS anyways!!!:

    “11. Counterjihadist websites appeal to over-65s – Klassekampen write it used Alexa to examine eight
    sites that allegedly inspired Anders Behring Breivik
    and his manifesto. It claimed its investigations
    revealed readership groups to websites Gates of
    Vienna, Jihad Watch, The Brussels Journal, Islam
    Watch, Atlas Shrugged, Tundra Tabloid, Vladtepesblog
    and The Green Arrow showed a clear pattern.
    When presented with the results, Andreas Malm,
    journalist and author of the book The Hate Against Muslims, told the paper: “The typical profile of
    conspiracy theorists are elderly, lonely men, who become obsessed with a particular question, and who
    may be attracted to anti-Islamic conspiracy theories…There is a preponderance of older men, often
    unemployed, who may feel ostracized from society, and seeking for an explanation and a scapegoat.”

    let me know.

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