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Norwegian media’s steak knives are out, but not for whale steak

They never once ask themselves how many of these casualties are the result of terrorists building their infrastructure within heavily populated areas, as well as launching their rockets from populated areas and how many of the rockets that misfire, actually land upon their own people, last count I heard was one in seven fired at Israel crashes in Gaza.

Over at Norway, Israel and the Jews, McGonagall has a long list of the Norwegian media’s biased reporting thus far.

Balanced coverage in Norway? Kiss mein tuches!


What else can be said about the Norwegian coverage of the conflict? Both Aftenposten and Dagbladet have gladly placed their journalists in grave danger by allowing them to ‘follow a terrorist on a day’s work. Aftenposten’s journalist proudly tells how he has witnessed how a rocket was fired at Tel Aviv, while Dagbladet’s journalist decided it was a safe bet to follow an Islamic Jihad fighter down a rabbit hole to see how they prepare their deadly weapons. I wonder how the two media outlets would have defended these wreckless actions had their journalists been injured or, heaven forbid, been killed in a retaliatory attack from Israel? No prizes for guessing who they would blame for their folly…

Dagsavisen is no longer able to behave as a serious and reliable outlet, but resorts to tear jerking stories and pictures of grief stricken Gazans; I can’t really see how they are going to be able to look at themselves in the mirror after all of this is over – such wholesale abandonment of journalistic integrity is a long time since I saw.

Read it all here.

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