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Islamophobia Watch is in a funk, the faux human rights website that charts supposed incidents of ”islamofauxbia” is shocked, shocked I tell you, that a Christian pastor of a church in Michigan thinks it’s not appropriate for an Islamic prayer to be said and heard during a service.

What you need to learn from this incident is, the mere refusing of Islam is enough for you to earn the title of Islamofauxbe by the mohammedan. Of course no Muslim prayer should be heard within a Christian service, let alone on the facility itself, it’s a Christian house of worship.

Jewish prayers could be heard within a church because the situation is entirely different, Christianity owes its existence to Judaism, and respects all the Jewish holy texts within what is called the Old Testament, or the Tenach in Hebrew. The rip off religion of Islam however, is completely alien to Christianity (and Judaism) and therefore outside its sphere of spirituality and therefore has no place within a church, let alone a service.

H/T: EDL LGBT Division

Michigan church bans Islamic prayer from service

DateSunday, November 18, 2012

The word seemingly came out of the blue:

Choral director Jeffrey Cobb told his singers and orchestra – roughly 180 local adults and teens drawn from college, a high school, and churches – that a pastor barred an Islamic prayer from the piece they planned to sing.

Their concert was to be performed the next day, on Veterans Day, at First Congregational Church in Traverse City for the annual Mel Larimer Concert Series.

Pastor David Walls and other church officials wanted nothing to do with the Islamic Call to Prayers portion of the performance. They did not want to offend their congregation and military veterans they planned to honor that day, church leaders said.

A shock wave rippled through the choir during their tune-up at the church, and no one took the jolt harder than Alya Nadji, 16, a Muslim and member of the Traverse City West High School Chorale.

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  1. The pastor was completely in the right to ban the Islamic Call To Prayer from his church. Islam is inherently anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. Along with being anti-everything. This is simply another example of Stealth Jihad which is becoming more and more prevalent within our society.

    Jihad is the Arabic word for Holy War. Stealth Jihad is when Muslims quietly subvert a society without firing a shot but instead use the laws of that society against them.

  2. Since Islam owes it’s existence to Judaism and Christianity, then it follows that it should be allowed for Jewish and/or Christian prayers to be uttered in a Mosque.

    Somehow I doubt that would ever be condoned by the Imams…..

    1. Where did you ever get the idea, Joel, that Islam owes it’s existence to Christianity? Totally false! It is true that people who are Jews and Christians have the same ancestors, but then, just because daddy is a Christian doesn’t make his son one! Just because Isaac had a brother does not mean his brother’s descendants worshiped the same God as Isaac.

      1. Most of the second-hand Bible stories in the koran come fm Judaism and Christianity. They are not very accurate though. Besides, monotheism is a uniquely Judeo-Christian tenant until Mohammad took it for his own. Do not site Amarna as monotheistic. It was henotheism, not ethical monotheism as are Judaism and Christianity.

  3. Yes, how dare they not allow mu*lims to practice in their church. Next thing you know the mu*lims will be whining about not being allowed to behead people in the parking lot. They need to bugger off to their 7th century paradises.

    1. You’re an asshole. Just because someone is a Muslim doesn’t mean shit. There are extremists in every religion you can’t get past it, but that doesn’t mean that we should hold all of them to the same standard. There are some crazy-ass Christians out there, does that mean that we should all fear them and freak out? No.

      1. Nikki is the asshole, I just saw everyone raise their hands in agreement.

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