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So the next time you hear about Palestinian casualties in Gaza in the international media, followed by the scapegoating the Israelis, bear in mind that its the tactic of the terrorists to hide within the general population.

The piece comes from the Palestinian point of view, but it does highlight the Arabs’ use of its citizens as human shields, and adds to the fear of the citizenry:

“Since Wednesday, they have moved eastwards into the heart of Gaza City.

The first indication that the fighters have taken up position near your house is the whoosh of a rocket as it roars past your window, often followed just seconds later by the ground-shaking impact of an Israeli counter-strike.

Even if you manage to stay away from the obvious targets – the Hamas security compounds, weapons stores, arms manufacturing workshops and rocket-launchers – the violence can follow you.”

Here is the rest of the story. One thing is worth remembering as well, Israel does not use ”indiscriminate fire”, the military targets the terrorist, many times pulling back when the target mixes too heavily within the population. Any ”collateral damage” resulting from a strike, should be laid squarely at the address of Hamas and other terror organizations who force Israel’s hand to defend its own population.

I don’t want to hear anyone’s whining about the disparity in numbers between the two sides, if the terrorists had their way, each missile it sent into Israel would result in multiple deaths of Israelis. One missile murdered three Israelis in their apt., just times that by 1000 if they all hit their intended targets.

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  1. Woe betide you if you object to a missile launcher being set up ouside your home.
    This from 2004
    New York Times July 23, 2004
    The Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade arm of Fatah decided to set up a launcher in the
    village of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip in order to attack Israeli villages like Sederot.
    When a family objected to the launcher being positioned near their house, they shot and fatally injured a fifteen year old boy and wounded three members of his family.

    1. Thanks Tom, that’s a good piece of info to use with another article. Thanks!

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