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The sad truth be known, the West fights tooth and nail the very same policies they would employ themselves, if caught in the same circumstances.

So You Want to End the Israel-Hamas War? Here’s How to Do It

November 18, 2012 – 10:31 am – by Barry Rubin

A lot of people have asked the purpose of Israel’s defensive war against Hamas.  Some, including those supposedly expert on the region, have been mystified. They cannot seem to figure out what is going on or what the goal of this Israeli operation could be.

The answer is simple. Given the premise that Hamas is in a permanent state of war with Israel and will attack Israel whenever it can get away with it, Israel needed to do three things.

First, show Hamas that it cannot daily attack Israel and Israeli civilians without a cost.

Second, show Hamas that the cost is unsustainable and that it needs to keep the peace or suffer massive losses to its governmental, economic, and military infrastructure. This includes a personal cost to those who have taken the lead in attacking Israel and especially to those who have organized terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.

Third, remove from Hamas the means of making war by destroying its rockets, missiles, and other weaponry. Of course, they will rebuild but it is better to have an enemy that must start over again from near-zero than one that is adding thousands of weapons onto the thousands it already possesses, including the addition of more advanced arms and especially longer-range missiles.

Ending the current fighting in the Gaza Strip is also simple. There are two requirements: an international willingness to do it and an important decision from the new Egyptian government.

Ideally, the world would help overthrow the illegal Hamas regime that represses people in the Gaza Strip and repeatedly drags them into costly and losing wars with their stronger neighbor. But that’s not going to happen. So the next best-thing is a ceasefire that will last several years at least. While Hamas still has ties with Iran, and some factions are closer to Tehran, the Gaza regime’s real patron is Egypt. Both places are ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

We have been constantly told that the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt is really moderate. The Obama Administration helped put that government into power. Yes, it won elections but from January 2011 onward, Washington basically backed the Brotherhood in a number of ways. The U.S. government has constantly defended the Brotherhood as being moderate and criticized the Egyptian military when it tried to keep that group out of power.

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  1. Years before the Arab Spring, I’d heard of the Muslim Brotherhood and everything I read about them suggested that they were dangerous and could not be trusted. Some experts even believe them to be the forerunner of all modern Sunni terrorist groups including al-Qaeda.
    At the time, I didn’t think much of it as the Muslim Brotherhood were hardly mentioned on the news, but when I heard their name associated with the Arab Spring, alarm bells began to ring.
    How come then that Western governments seemed to be ignorant of this when even a ill-informed nobody like myself can find out info about these mobsters just by a bit of googling?
    Or is that a stupid question?

    1. No Softly Bob, a good question about an entirely stupid mindset. It goes to show that not the best and the brightest are in key positions of power and influence. The reign of mediocrity is upon us.

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