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An outrage in need of justice.

The dismissal of human rights activist and humanitarian, Chris Knowles, by the Leeds city council (UK) from his government position without any rights to due process, is present day reminder of what can happen to anyone who runs afoul of present day political correctness. The lesson to be learned here is, oppose sharia, and you’ll be cast into the outer darkness by the boobs & dolts of the British politically correct ‘elite’.

NOTE: Here is some historical background on the meaning of star chamber justice.

Dangers Of Star Chamber Justice At Leeds City Council: The Case of Chris Knowles

By  • on November 14, 2012

In August 2012 human rights activist Chris Knowles was dismissed from his post with Leeds City Council’s Governor Support Service.  This took place without due process, without the presentation of evidence, and without the right to reply.  Contrary to the most basic principles of justice he was not even given the right to appeal the decision.

Students of English history may recall that the court of Star Chamber (1) was used in a similar manner to silence dissenters and critics of arbitrary royal power. Star Chamber justice now seems to be the modus operandi of public sector agencies in the UK. Tyranny is now able to flourish in the dark areas of vague meaning, fine print, and contradictory policies.  If institutions are effectively controlled by shadowy and unaccountable elites do they operate in the public interest or in the interests of hidden agendas?

Dissent is once again being silenced in modern politically correct Britain using methods just as arbitrary as those of the 17th century.  If you disagree with the rulers then you risk losing your livelihood, being ostracized and socially marginalized, and even losing your liberty.  The level of fear created by the application of arbitrary measures reminiscent of the Star Chamber has made free speech effectively impossible in the UK.  Arbitrary justice exercised in secret is the tool of tyrants.

Communism failed in the Soviet Union because it was an ideology that pretended that the world worked in a way that it did not.  Those who offered common sense reality-based solutions were branded enemies of that system. Consequently Soviet Communism collapsed due to its inherent arrogance.

Under the Cultural Marxist system of political correctness that now appears to predominate in the public sector a similar situation prevails.  Dissenters are rigorously persecuted. When failure is institutionalized in this way, common sense policy making becomes impossible.  This is not in the public interest and it is not the mark of good governance.

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