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Other nations would already be pounding these bastards relentlessly.

Gaza groups pound Israel with over 100 rockets

LAST UPDATED: 11/12/2012 00:32

Over 100 rockets, mortar shells hit South in past 24 hours, Israeli officials weigh “dramatic response.”

Trails of smoke left after rocket launched


Israel will not hesitate to launch a major IDF operation against Gaza-based terrorist factions if necessary, Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned on Sunday – after some 100 rockets hit southern Israel in 24 hours.

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  1. For every rocket fired they should move that fence in by a block.

    Or better yet make it retroactive.

    Now how many rockets have been fired so far?

  2. Typical Rueters terrorist propoganda. They start the story by focusing on the palestinians that were supposedly hurt and show images of them being taken to hospital. Only after that do they say it was in responce to Gaza first blasting an Israeli jeep and wounding soldiers. And they conveniently forget to mention all the rockets that Hamas has been firing into Israel.

    So the focus is subtly on the hurt palestinians, not on what precipitated the responce. Zero images of Israelis. This means they are intentionally humanizing one side while intentionally dehumanizing the other.

    One of the reasons they can get away with peddling this arab war propoganda so often is because they don’t release the contributing reporters names in every news outlet their stories appear. Every single time I’ve tracked down the specific reporters in situations like this – yup, you’ve guessed what I was going to say.

    Reuters and AP should just give up their little remaining pretense and rename their middle east offices Al Jazira 2 and Al Jazria 3. Or, more appropriately, Inspire.

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