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Terrorist’s family planning to sue British government for helping to kill him in CIA drone strike

  • Al Qaeda planner, from Birmingham, played role in coordinating airline bomb plot
  • Rashid Rauf’s family seeking a declaration by civil courts that intelligence sharing is unlawful

The family of a high-ranking Al Qaeda planner killed by a CIA drone strike are to sue the British government for helping to murder him.

Rashid Rauf, a fugitive Briton who played a pivotal role in coordinating the airline bomb plot, was reportedly killed in a U.S missile attack on a Taliban safe house in Pakistan’s tribal areas in 2008.

His family is now to launch a legal challenge accusing the Government of being complicit in the murder of one of its own citizens on foreign soil.

British intelligence officers who shared information about him with their US counterparts may be judged to have assisted in his murder, or of committing war crimes.

Rauf, 27, a former baker’s boy from Birmingham, was on a CIA ‘High Value Target’ list because of his alleged role as a chief planner for Al Qaeda attacks on the West.

Intelligence services also believe he was the brains behind the July 7 London tube attacks, and that he masterminded the failed 2006 plot to blow up US airliners flying from Heathrow, using liquid bombs.

A close friend of the family, who have always maintained that Rauf had no links with Al Qaeda, told the Sunday Mercury: ‘They want justice for their son who was killed in murky circumstances that amount to cold-blooded murder.

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  1. Speaking in the most hypothetical terms, I imagine many are getting to the point where burning down the house this dead jihadis family infest is sounding everyday like a better and better solution to our collective problem, seems to work for Buddhists.

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