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Remember folks, whether they are jihadis or citizen muslim fundamentalists, it’s always about the sharia.

 Egypt should get tough and stop “pampering” its people, a leading Salafist sheikh has told worshippers at Eid Al-Adha prayers, in just one part of a seeming broadside against leftists and liberals launched by preachers across Alexandria during the Islamic holiday.

Speaking at Friday prayers at Al Qa’ed Ibrahim Mosque, Sheikh Ahmed Mahalawy called for Egypt’s striking labourers and doctors to be fired and replaced by the legions of the country’s unemployed.

“Enough with pampering the people, O President. You must be a little severe,” Mahalawy said, addressing Mohamed Morsi, whom he backed in June’s presidential election.

Egypt’s recent labour strikes and “lawlessness” were the result of the government’s lamentable “flexibility” when it came to settling disputes, Mahalawy claimed.

Workers also came under fire at Alexandria’s Ramla Square, where the Muslim Brotherhood’s Sobhi Saleh dubbed those taking part in strikes “enemies of the people.”

Saleh, a lawyer giving his own Eid sermon, went on to accuse “secularists and liberals” of seeking to “destroy the identity of the state.”

“We will not allow it. We are guards of the Sharia [Islamic law] and its protectors,” added Saleh, himself part of the 100-member body drafting Egypt’s next constitution.

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  1. What do they need doctors for when camel piss will do the job?
    As for labourers, Islam allows slavery.

  2. Aahh! When will they start firing on liberals in the West? If obama is returned, it will only be a matter of days.

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