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Thanks to Vlad for this video, as well as to Christian Action Network for producing it. Also, here’s a good pieceon Tommy Robinson in the Asian News. The man is being victimized by the state in order to protect the failed status quo it created. You dare to speak up about it, and you’ll be punished.

Seneca III: “Slavery of the body and the mind is an abomination, we got rid of it 200 years ago, and now it’s back. It doesn’t come with wooden ships and chains these day, it comes in burkas and niqabs.”

Seneca III from The Christian Action Network footage

Posted on October 23, 2012 by Eeyore

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my clip of excerpts from the footage that CAN shotin Europe this year. One of the people who was not included in that first clip was a man who writes under the handle, Seneca III.

‘Seneca III’, a retired physicist, had chosen to remain anonymous until now. But due to the arrests yesterday of Tommy and Paul Weston, both of which appear to be highly political in nature and smack of at least a degree of totalitarianism, he has chosen to reveal himself to the camera as the urgency and immediacy of the message grows exponentially over time.

This is the first interview with Seneca III on Camera.

Thank you again Christian Action Network for the footage. I am anxious to see the whole documentary when you get it done.

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  1. Well said.
    I keep a personal list of people who are worth listening to, which includes Robert Spencer, Michael Coren, Tommy Robinson and so on. I also keep a personal list of fools and traitors which include the likes of George Galloway.
    This man Seneca III is a welcome addition to my first list.

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