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Actually, these are Leftists who have had it with Islam. They have in times past thrown their support around the socialist party as well as the FN, so basically they are all over the French socialist political map. The act of commandeering the building was wrong, holding a protest outside it on public property would have been the right course of action, no one has ‘the right’ to violate another person’s civil rights, it’s that simple.

So while I’m sympathetic with the anti-Islamization aspect to their protest, their actions are out of bounds, outside the law, and deserve to be condemned as they should be. Such actions do not speak well for their goals, no matter how well intentioned they may be.

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Far right protesters wielding banners, tents storm an unfinished mosque in western France

By Associated Press, Published: October 20

PARIS — Dozens of far right extremists stormed atop an unfinished mosque in western France on Saturday to show their hostility toward it and denounce immigration that has brought millions of Muslims into the country, a regional official said.

About 70 protesters traveled from around France for Saturday morning’s demonstration in the city of Poitiers, which has symbolic meaning as the place where a French medieval ruler once drove away Arab invaders, regional prefect Yves Dassonville said by phone. After police arrived, the protesters dispersed without resistance — and three were detained to face accusations of “incitement of racial hatred” and damage to property, he said.

French TV broadcast images of dozens of rowdy, waving and chanting protesters on the mosque roof next to its minaret. They unfurled a banner that read “Generation Identitaire” and demanded a referendum on immigration and mosques. The banner also bore the number 732, which Dassonville said was a reference to the year when the army of medieval French leader Charles Martel stopped an Arab invasion in Poitiers.

Muslim leaders said the protesters had disrupted a prayer inside, and expressed incomprehension over the stunt.

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From DigitalJournal:

“Our generation refuse to see her people and her identity disappear through indifference. We’ll never be the Native Indians of Europe. From this place, important symbol of our past and bravery of our ancestors, we call to memory and fight!”

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