Paleostinians Pallywood



Right in the plain of day.

Of course it’s done with the aim of blaming the Jews living nearby. Jameel over at The Muqata has the whole scoop. Here is the initial article from the JPost reporting on the destruction of the olive trees

UPDATE: A good source tells me that he sees grounds for caution here, he thinks he sees black tarps on the ground and perhaps they’re shaking the branches to drop olive to the ground.

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  1. Muslims are following the perfect example in profit Muhammad, which taught them that war is deceit.

    Any conflict involving Muslims, it’s always the Muslims who are the savage. Muslims always think they are the victim even when they do the killing and hurting!

    Islam and Muslim immigration must stop for the sake of humanity.

    1. Hi Ernest, Not all Muslims are savages killing and creating havoc, most are not, but they do have a peculiar way of dealing with those in their group who are, small expressions of faux outrage as they dissemble the actual verses being used by the fundamentalists. In other words they lie about how correct the fundamentalists are in their understanding and use of Islamic verses. So they are by default, complicit. There is no easy way out of this, but holding them to a set standard that we all hold ourselves to, is the only way to go. No forcing of privately held beliefs upon the other, and no to any future immigration/refugees or otherwise, to the West. Any Muslim holding dual citizenship caught in criminality or promoting islamization, should be sent packing.

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