Gee, will Obama and the Dems support them?

Like I said, exchanging one form of tyranny for another, is nothing for us in the West to cheer about. Mubarak and his generals were the only ones able to keep the Muslim Brotherhood and others like them, in check. It’s the same situation as in Turkey, the secular (as much as secular could ever be in an Islamic setting) military holding a check on the Islamic fundamentalists. Once they (the secularists) lose out, the slide into Islamization  goes ahead full throttle.

“My conclusion is that Mursi is just the president of the [Muslim] Brotherhood, that’s all,” said one protester, Sayed al-Hawari. Another, Rania Mohsen, said: “We are here against turning the state into a Brotherhood state. We do not want to replace the old regime with one like the old one.”

Egypt tensions spark clashes in Cairo’s Tahrir Square

Fresh clashes have broken out in the Egyptian capital Cairo in the worst violence since President Mohammed Mursi took office at the end of June.

Scores of people were reported injured as supporters and opponents of Mr Mursi fought in Tahrir Square.

Tensions are high after Egyptian judges criticised Mr Mursi’s attempt to remove the country’s top prosecutor.

It follows the acquittal of 24 people accused of attacks on protesters during last year’s uprising.

Witnesses said a rally critical of the president was taking place in Tahrir Square on Friday when a crowd of his supporters stormed their stage.

Fighting broke out and protesters pelted each other with stones, bottles and petrol bombs.

The Health Ministry put the number of injured at 110, state TV said.

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